Monday, January 23, 2012

Thoughts about life, crap, training, and stuff

So RUM5 was this past weekend.  I watched it yesterday over the live feed.  Some really great lifting there.  Sam Byrd hit a high 700's raw squat, then went for 804.7.  However the spotter touched one side of the bar and threw him off.  So they gave him a 4th attempt at it, and he ended up getting injured in the hole (torn fascia I believe was what I heard).  Sam went out to gut it.  He just missed a 461 bench and stiff legged up a 600 dead.  Very impressive performance by Sam gutting it out like that.  It's really a shame that the guy bumped the bar on his 804.  I believe he would have had it.  Sam would have put up some kind of sick total.  Sam is starting to approach Capt. Kirk like status as a squatter IMO.  

Jacked AND strong....

Jamie Lewis also did very well.  Going 1613 (617, 369, 627) beltless at 181.  He just narrowly missed a 660 pull, which would have given him a 1646 total.  They called him high on his third squat but I thought it looked like his best squat of the three.  Either way, he still bested his best total on a day where he left a lot on the platform.  So congrats to Jamie as well.

I start my meet pre-prep this week.  Training back to 3X per week, with steady state on off days.  I totally wrecked my diet all weekend and rested more than Courtney Love has rested on Kirk Cobain's laurels.  Basically I will do some incline and db bench tonight with some bi's and tri's.  Wednesday I will do upperback and Saturday I will pause squat.  Nothing heavy, just fun (ok so I might take 405 for a ride again on incline tonight!).  I need to tighten my diet back up as I ate shit all weekend as well.  Two boxes of cereal, a whole loaf cinnamon bread, half of a lemon cake and a bunch of ice cream yesterday.

God it was good to watch that 49ers team have to eat that in OT yesterday.  What a fraud of a team.  I love great defense but I hate teams that basically rely on smoke and mirrors to win games.  The Bears have done it for years.  Play the field position game, hope your defense gets a bunch of turnovers, then kind of field goal it out for the win.  Plus there is nothing worse than to watch a bust of a quarterback ride the coattails of a defense and special teams.  And I hate Harbaugh with a god damn passion.  I hope someone fucks him in the ass with an aids shovel.  Oh and I wonder if Vernon Davis cried like a bitch after the game like he did last week with that fake bullshit?  I hope someone fucks him in the ass with the same aids shovel they used on Harbaugh.

Keep crying bitch.....

I will be the guest on IronRadio this week.  I'm pretty stoked about that.  It will be Thursday at 3:14 P.M. EST.  Tune in.  I would also like to thank Jim for recommending me.

Not too much longer until the second half of the Walking Dead is back on, then Game of Thrones too.  I haven't seen anything lately, TV OR movie wise.  I'm in a total slump.  I've also been playing Skyrim too much to care.  I feel like a total nerd.

I have a few more big name interviews I am trying to run down.  Trust me much like the Efferding one you will be surprised who these people are if I can make it happen.  I'm trying.  And don't ask.

I hope everyone had a great weekend and is having a shit Monday.


  1. Better to be 37 and look it or younger, than 25 and told you look 35...

  2. That was actually the case when I was 25.

  3. Hmm, maybe I can hope to stop ageing prematurely at some point so. Brian

  4. Can't spell fraud without "NY Giants". The Giants offense was getting completely shut down by the Niners D. Eli was eating sacks anytime they put pressure on and they couldn't score for shit. Kyle Williams gave them the win by touching that fucking punt on the return and getting stripped instantly on the kick return. The Giants offense looked just as shitty as the wide receiver core of the Niners offense and did not deserve to win that game based off their performance alone. The Niners gave that game away....EASILY

    Also, you can't say the Niner team is a fraud as a whole when they outscored the Saints (a team that btw, took the Giants to the fucking cleaners with almost 50 points).

    Niners need to revamp their WR core, and toss Smith (but that won't happen). They'll be a force in the NFC for the next few years

  5. If you want to say the Giats are a fraud because of a couple of special teams plays then I can still say the 9ers are a fraud because of a couple of blown defensive assignments by the Saints who shut down the 9ers for the whole game aside from two drives at the end. The 9ers would lose to the Saints 9 out of 10 times, but sometimes the sun even shines on a dogs ass.

    Fact is, the 9ers had no business being there. They won games because of an easy schedule playing in the shittiest division in the NFL. Everyone would rather have seen the Saints vs the Pats or Ravens than the shit we'll have to watch now.

    1. I almost passed out when the Ravens missed that field goal a the end....Hurts my heart~~~~~

  6. "But at 40 you can't flirt with 20 year olds without being the creepy guy". I turn 39 in 3 weeks and have had this exact thought a few times recently in the gym or out in public. It is a sobering realization. Thanks for the laugh. -MC

  7. It'll wake you up in the morning. Just in a bad way.

  8. "but sometimes the sun even shines on a dogs ass."

    Exactly. That quote applies directly to the Giants. I will give them credit for their WR's...they're amazing really. However aside from that Kyle Williams must have been getting favors from Eli in the back because he completely gave them that game. List Kyle Williams highlights from last night:

    1) Fumbled but recovered the ball in the first half
    2) A diving catch on a kick return (WTF?)
    3) Fair caught a ball with no one in sight (WTF)
    4) Faked picking up the ball on a punt return and had it hit his knee for a turnover at the 20
    5) Gets stripped instantly on a kick return

    Giants wouldn't be on the way to the Superbowl right now if it wasn't for that oblivious fool. He fucked up his final game at ASU years ago in similar fashion too...he chokes and destroys teams in the big game.

    Anyway, regarding the Niner schedule, they did have some easy matchups, but proved themselves as worthy in the post season. They outscored the Saints and gave the Giants a better run for their money (and should've won..but shoulda, woulda, coulda right?) than #1 Green Bay did. Far from a fraud team, man.

  9. Frauds. Next year they will play a tougher schedule and will have to put up some points to win. The 9ers play a shit brand of football that will win you some games, but lacks playoff success. Defense and field position will only go so far. Alex Smith totally shit his pants last night.

  10. Agree to disagree.

    With that said, Giants WR's are going to shit all over New England's D.

  11. Then you must be a 9ers fan. Because Smith and the 9ers offense was like 1-12 on third conversions. He totally shit the bed outside of the early pass to Davis.

  12. I am a Niners fan. Smith is far from a good QB, and it makes me sad to think we could have had Aaron Rogers at one point. However, the biggest flaw with our offense is our shitty receivers...they're literally never open. Need some good WR's from the upcoming draft and shit will get real. Even if Smith is less than stellar, he can still get the ball to a receiver given they're open. Give us Cruz, Nicks, etc from the sick receiver lineup the Giants have and the Niners would look 10x better on offensive conversions. We need that type of WR core.

    Despite that, Williams single handedly destroyed the game for us. The team as a whole was doing enough to win, even if it wasn't pretty.

  13. I think it makes about every team sad that they could have had Aaron Rodgers at one point.

  14. Totally agree with you on Harbaugh. I can't stand either of them. Loudmouths who won't even do a post game interview when they lose. Pathetic.

  15. To the Niners fan: 9ers got lucky against the Saints, thanks to *5* turnovers (should've won by 20!), and a stubborn Greg Williams who refused to zone or double cover Vernon Davis on the final drive, and he was the *only* offensive threat the 9ers had in the passing game -Duh! Personal feelings aside, Harbaugh is a great coach, and Davis is a great TE. Oh, and I admit I don't think the Giants could've beaten the Saints in the dome, no way, so I thank the 9ers for that.

  16. And the 9ers couldn't have beat the Saints in the dome. The reason the Saints were playing in San Fran is because the 9ers play in a softer division. Otherwise the 9ers aren't 13-3. But if ifs and buts were candy and nuts we'd all have a merry christmas.

  17. I was at a bar with a friend when he was 18 and I was 19. The bartender IDed him but not me. My friend got kinda pissed and the bartender said "wouldn't you love to be IDed again". True story. So, I must really look old now. lol

  18. Paul, what kind of character are you playing in Skyrim?

  19. A Nord. WArrior. I hate all that magic shit. Just let me chop stuff up.

  20. Awesome. Dunmer warrior for me. Do the Companions' Quests in Whiterun. Fun stuff.

  21. Not yet I don't think. I'm gathering all of those stupid books for the wizards and shit from the college.

  22. Awesome. I recommend the Companions quests. They give you some awesome perks.