Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Training - Shrugs and shit

Bodyweight - 235

Rack pulls below the knee with shrug -
225 x 10,5
315 x 5
405 x 5
500 x 5,5
585 x 5
635 x 5
675 x 3 <- PR
585 x 11 <- PR

Hypers - body x 10, +50x15, +75x12
Some 1-armed row machine - stack x 12

Notes - A +10% session even though I did not feel supremely awesome.  I pulled the 675 rather easily and was surprised at how easy I did the triple at that weight.  I could have easily done 5.  In fact everything felt fast and easy.  I am hoping for that 705 below the knee rack pull in coming weeks.  


  1. Hey, Paul, I wanted to get your feedback real quick if possible. I'm still in my first year of lifting and trying out different versions of the usual stuff to see what I like. I did Defranco stuff for 6 months to get in shape, and I've been running 531 for 2-3 months for strength, and was planning to run it for a couple more before switching to your Ultimate Beastdom to try out block training. However, my schedule is about to get real crazy and I will only have ample gym time in late January, February and April (the reason I can't do your 2012 Squat/Push/Pull challenge). So I think I should finish this cycle of 531 next week and jump straight into UB Strength, then Conditioning, then Reps, and it all appears to line up real well with the ups-and-downs of my work schedule. With it starting sooner than expected, I've got some questions I wanted to run by you:
    1) You start the Strength article by saying it is NOT for guys that have been on a bulk for awhile. Would 3 months of 531 and eating for size count as that in your mind for someone in their first year of lifting?
    2) If you think I'm good to start out with the Strength block, how much of an increase should I aim for with the Big 4 lifts? Is 20% for Squats and Pulls, and 15% for Presses reasonable?
    3) You prescribe big eating for UB Strength, and low-carb for UB Conditioning. For UB Reps, should I be thinking about trasitioning back into a maintanence diet?

    Sorry to blast a long long-winded post on you here, but I know with the upcoming schedule that I need to nail all this down as much as possible or it will be a nightmare to keep to a program later. Thanks for any help.

  2. 1. I say that because most guys that have been on a "bulk" are usually fat and need to get into shape. Strength and size gains require a calorie surplus.

    2. Just make a goal and go after it. You'll know soon enough if you overshot it.

    3. All depends on your goals.

  3. Thanks, Paul. Been looking forward to running this for a while. Kind of excited I have to start it earlier than planned. I'll let you know how things go at the end of each block.

  4. Sorry my ignorance, but is below the knee deadlifts harder than the conventional (less weigth than the pull from the ground? So, if is, you are getting close to a 700 lbs deadlift from the ground?

  5. Anonymous - For me, pulling from mid-shin is hardest. I pull less from mid-shin from the ground. Below the knee is pretty close. I think I pull slightly more from below the knee than from the ground. But not by much.

    My hope is to pull 700+ in April.

  6. Hey Paul, easy/noob question if possible because I trust your judgement?
    You've started to make me paranoid about my bf% levels after reading your "if you're over 15% bf your a fat shit" comments. I've never given the subject any thought previously, and my results from online calculators varied.

    My question...what method/(s) do you recommend to test bodyfat levels?