Saturday, January 7, 2012

Training - Back and stuff

Bodyweight - 238

Cable Rows -
2 warm up sets
stack - 1x15
stack + 8 of those little weight additions - 1x15
stack + 8 of those little weight additions + 2 25's  - 1 x 9

Rear Delt Machine - 5 sets of 10
Ab Wheel - 5 sets of 10
Pipes - 4-5 sets

Notes - Not bad.


  1. What are "pipes" exactly? (Did a search and found two references on your blog, no details) - EdK

  2. Paul, completely irrelevant to the post but I could use some advice from a completely unbiased source. I am aware it is a convoluted mess of words, she is the only girl who screws my head like this.

    I have a female friend who I like (a lot, maybe even the other L word), I have always had feelings for her except for the first year or two of our friendship but the last year they seem to have got stronger for some reason. We had a bit of a thing and kissed a few times when we were 17/18 but never dated and we are both at college now and are 21/22.

    I told her how I feel this summer but she said she didn't feel the same way and said even if she did like me it might be weird because we've been friends for too long. I don't have trouble with other girls and pick up girls just as/more attractive than her. Obviously we talk about each others relationships so she knows I'm not waiting around for her. We are very close and text/talk regularly despite being at different colleges. How do I play this? At the moment I'm just leaving the fact that I like her out there eg. if she tries it on and asks me to clean up after her; 'just because I like you doesn't mean I'm going to clean your shit up'.

    I figure just be a friend and leave it out there, if she gets feelings too then it's easy for her to make a move. I'm too close to make good decisions though and basically don't want to look back and regret any actions/choices I make now. On a side note she texts me stuff like 'Hi' 'Jaaaammmeeesss' 'Hiiiaaa'. What the fuck do I do with that! Can't figure out whether it's attention seeking or she's just bored and wants to talk.

  3. Hey Paul, what other Ab exercises other than the Ab wheel would you recommend? Thanks

  4. James - If she already knows, and you're out having a good time and dating other girls then you're already doing all the right things.

    The only other thing I could add is, don't let her dictate the attention. It's tough, but every once in a while use the 2:1 text rule. Make her text you twice to your one (before you respond). If she sends a second text like "hello?" just respond with something like "got busy. What's up?" In other words, date, have a good time, but you have to make her work for you a little bit.

    This is imperative.

    You need to be a challenge. I also wouldn't whore yourself out there. Women don't generally see guys that bounce from woman to woman as someone desirable. They see guys who have a GF or can sustain something as having higher value. Unless in a social setting. Then things change. But because she knows you, seeing someone exclusively for the next few months while giving her a very SLIGHT bit of the cold shoulder (don't make it seem obvious) will give you higher value and make you look more desirable.

  5. Will - I like good ol fashioned decline sit ups. I also like some ab machines if the weight stack is heavy enough.