Thursday, December 27, 2012

Some goodies I am playing with, and I don't mean your moms vagina.

Whenever I get a break like this, I think about training quite a bit, and I usually like to put those ideas out here so you guys can get a look see.

Some of the things I am continuing to do, but will evolve, are here.  

My split will change ever so slight.  It's still 3 days a week, but I've been tweaking some volume and intensities so I will show you what I'm doing here.  

Monday - Deadlift and back day

Pulls - doubles using the 24/45 method to a moderately easy double.  This is basically where you start at say, 225, do a double, then slap on 275 and do a double.  You then go to 315, 365, 405, 455, etc.  This is a great way to get in a lot of volume on your pulls, and build up enough accumulative fatigue that it sort of limits your "top" pull.  

And speaking of which, the top pull won't be much here.  I'm thinking a real top pull wouldn't be more than 585 or so.  However, I may not even go above 515-550.  Again, I'm going to be all about figuring out ways to up the volume with the lower intensities to really get work in.  

If I am feeling good, I will probably pull 3 sets of doubles, and then take off 90 pounds of whatever I was using there and go to elevated stiffs.  There I won't do volume, I will do an all out set of whatever I can get.  If I'm having a down night, I'll just bust off 2x5 or so.

If you think about the volume here you can get an idea of how much work this would be.

225x2,2,2,2 warm ups

Including warm ups, that's 13 sets of pulls.  Throw in 2 sets of stiffs after that, and it's 15 sets of deadlifting.  That's a LOT of volume for ANYONE (who the fuck keeps writing that I do low volume????).  

After that, I'll do some abs and I am getting serious about ab work.  Either ab wheel or decline sit ups with a plate behind the head.

So for the most part it will look like this.

Deadlifts - 25/45 method doubles
Elevated Stiffs - 1xamap, or 2x5
Abs - 3x20

Thursday - Squat and Legs

I've been warming up on leg days with a lot of volume (7-8 sets of 20-40) on leg extensions.  This will stay.  I like this and I like being able to pre-fatigue the quads before I start fronts.  Which is next.......

I am going to stay with fronts, mostly for three sets of 5, but I will start adding in the over warm up again since my quad seems to be doing ok.  Again, don't expect big lifts here.  However, after the fronts, whatever was used there, I will slap on 90 and hit a set of 10+ on regular squats, which I have not done in quite some time.

The front squats will not be heavy for a while.  The plan is to stay light for a long time, and really work the low percentages.  315 for 3x5 tops for a while.  No matter how easy it is.  I will work on moving that weight with more force over time, and not always loading the bar.  That will happen eventually, but not until I knock out 315 for sets of 5 where every rep feels very fast, and powerful.  

My figuring here is this, if I can eventually knock out 3 sets of 5 with 405 on fronts, and then go to 500, and rock out a set of 10, my squat is going to be kicking ass, yet I will never have had to load more than 500 on my back.  I may literally plan my meet cycle around this.  The only difference being is that might do 1x3 or 1x5 the last couple of weeks with the squat after the fronts.  But still, it would be no more than 550 for a triple at the most.

This comes back into play with my thinking of getting more out of less, in order to preserve recovery.  If my legs are taxed from the leg exts and fronts (which are "light") then 455-500 on squats is PLENTY enough to build lots of strength.  I just need to manipulate the volume.  But it will be a long while before I am doing 405 for 3 sets of 5 on fronts, so no need to rush it.

After that I would do some 1 legged work, or glute work and some 1 legged calves.

Leg Ext - 8x20-40
Fronts - 5,4,3,2,1, then 3x5 or 5x3
Squats - 2x5, or 1x10+
1 Legged Work - 1x20
1 Legged Calf - 100 reps

Saturday - Pressing

This is back to my standby of benching one week, and doing incline the next.  The difference now is, I don't do heavy inclines the second week.  I just do 225 for reps.  I want to be able to work up to 30+ (23 now) on 1 set, and 50+ over 3 sets.

On bench weeks I will do close grip.  One week I will do 5 sets of 3 @ 365 and the next time, I will do 315x3x8.  All of these reps are paused, so it makes it very difficult to get the reps in.  However, this is what builds that bottom position strength really well.  When I can get 315x3x8 with all reps paused (ALL REPS), I will move to 335x3x8 and 385x3x3.

I'm going to get back to doing press behind the neck work after my first press, so what I have in mind is this...


I also may alternate this with seated db press on some weeks.  The goal there for a while has been the 100's for 25.  I've been stuck at 20 for a little while.

Rear delts and a tricep movement to finish.  I have also gotten more serious about rear delt work as I really feel it helps getting tighter on the bench and a stronger base IF you do the rear delt work properly.

If my pec minor feels ok, I want to get some weighted dips back in and work up to 135x15-20.

Close Grips/Incline - 5,4,3,2,1,1,1 then 3x8, 5x3/225x3xamap for incline
PBN - 3xamap
Triceps - skullies 3x20 (light), dips 1xamap bodyweight or +135xamap
Rear Delts - 1x10-12

Some of this may change, however I just wanted to put it out there so you guys could get the idea about what I'm thinking.


  1. What is the proper way to do rear delts? And light skull crushers don't aggravate the elbow?

    1. I do them on the rear delt machine.

      I don't heavy on skulls and do them more like a pullover. So I stretch the lats all the way down then press up over the forehead. NOT stopping the bar at the forehead. This is bad.

    2. Same thing as the PJR pullover?

    3. Ok thanks. As a past program hopper, I am looking forward to starting LRB 365. Thanks for all of the great information you put out.

  2. Paul, why is there barely shoulder work involved in 365 the first few months? I read the first 12 weeks, but they contain zero shoulder work. The weeks after that it still doesn't advice shoulder work, if I'm not wrong.

    1. so you don't get shoulder work in from benching and incline and dips?

      When did that happen?

    2. I had the same though about shoulders upon reading the program until........I did the first workout with the 5x10 incline bench. Definitely works the shoulders!!!!

  3. Paul you are so right with choosing the right weights for the first phases of 365

    Today i did the squat and deads, and guess what..i take to much it is a real ego destroyer.
    I thought i was good for it..
    I must say that was also the first time i did squats and deads in the same workout.

    But i am glad i tested it, now i can choose without my ego.

  4. I keep looking at those doubles for deadlift thinking that 2-4 of those sets at 4" blocks and deficits would be the cats' ass. Would have to be planned crazy light though, or I could see being ground into a fine dust about a month in.

  5. Mr.Carter, how do you reccomend one progress with the hyperextensions ? The ones you do for the lower back. I absolutely love them but am starting to do pretty high reps, so how do you recommend one loads/progresses for this exercise ? Thank you

  6. I'm the guy who posted about doubling my 93%, figured I 'd just reply here since it's a new post...

    You asked why I doubled it, well 1) i'm not doing your program, 2) i'm near a meet and need ideas for attempt selection, and 3) your concept of the 85-93-100 gave me a hyooge iron-boner.

    If it makes it easier I train sans belt (since I don't have one) but I'd be borrowing one come meet time. And I definitely lift more with a belt. So....I doubled my 93 sans belt and my projected 100 is with one. Is that crushing it?

  7. I'm a lighter lifter
    How the fuck do I do face pulls without having to lean right back at a 45 degree angle to use enough weight?
    My torso is too short for the reverse tittay machine

    1. You can do bent over kettlebell or db "face pulls" or just bent laterals.

  8. Paul,

    Loved the title today!!! I ended up switching to sumo deadlifting. My arms are short (32-33) length and I just seemed to be getting no where with conventional style. I just didn't seem to be able to get tight enough to move serious weight. Is getting tight something that you have had to work on over your years of lifting? I struggle to get tight on bench too. I had my feet behind my knees on bench but it seemed like it was killing my lower back. I moved my feet in front of my knees as Dave Tate talked about in So you think you can bench. I like this better but I'm still struggling on tightness. I watched your setup video and try to copy that. I think the biggest problem is losing tightness in rep 2 through whatever. I have lifted in different places. One golds gym for a year but it seems like i never learned about getting tight. To me it seems like something you have to develop a feel for. Any advice on tightness. Thanks as always!


    1. You need to think about "tension" in the body. One way to do this for deadlifting is to reach down SLOW to the bar, 1 hand and then the other.....big breath, then pull.

      Breathing is a big part of tension as well. But mainly over time, you will figure out your own mental cues to get tight in lifts. Check my raw bench video for how I get tight on bench.

  9. Paul,

    Here is something you might find interesting and it sums up much of what you have said in the conclusion of the post.

    1. Pretty much. It also gives reason as to why my arms grew so rapidly on poundstone curls.

    2. It also proves to the haters that what you preach is backed by the hard science and not the broscience some claim.

    3. It's funny that every few months some expert or study comes out that backs most of what I write. and I've just gone with what I felt worked instinctively.

    4. That is why I read this blog and have bought in with your training philosophies. I mean how hard is it to go to the gym get the rep volume in and let the sets take care of themselves. I wish I would have known this before I got on Mentzer bandwagon and shared his mentality I learned alot but I think in the end I wasted some time.

    5. I trained that way for years and made good gains, however there comes a point of diminishing returns. And you have to find that balance between making progress, and enjoying lifting.

  10. Paul, I've just bought your 365 book, which is another great read.

    I'm at 20% body fat after having finally sorted out an injury that has hindered conditioning work lately. I feel like wobbly shit, but have managed to retain a fairly decent level of strength. Do you think it would worth starting on the 365 programme - or would it be better to work on losing some of the chub first (i.e. two day split with extra conditioning)?

    Cheers mate

  11. Thanks, will get a blog running and document the results.