Wednesday, February 27, 2013

365 Q&A on Facebook


If you're not running 365 you should be.  Check out the testimonials coming in already.


  1. Paul . . . loving LRB 365 so far. Question . . . do you recommend the week of rest before doing the periodization cycle? Or after my 50% week can I dive right in to the next cycle?

    Thanks for all the input!

    1. All depends on how you feel. If you feel like you'd like a week of rest, take it. If you feel charged up and ready to go, then start it.

  2. So i finished my PR week today and it went great. I'm only doing strength based training for about 12 months know. I used to follow weird bodybuilding routines that never worked actually for me. Your system seemed very solid to me and indeed it was!

    So far I made PR's on my deadlift, squat and bench.

    My deadlift went up with 22 pounds ( I know I could do more)
    My squat with 20 pounds
    My bench with....5 pounds

    I used to do 5 pull ups, but I can do 8 - 10 reps now.

    Amazing, because I haven't progressed for about 6 months, but the strong 15 was very helpful and effective.

    I just don't understand why I made way more progress on the deadlift and squat in comparison to my bench. I think that's what happens if you neglect your legs because you want to get huge boobs like Arnold for the past 2,5 years I'm training haha.

    Anyway, your routine has been the only true and effective way for me. Thanks for sharing all this with us. You earned my big respect.

    Sorry for the bad English, but I'm working on it haha.

  3. Paul -

    I am about to start Phase 2 - what would you recommend as a starting weight for vest for 205ish lb expecting to lean out to 190-195ish through this phase and Phase 3? I want to make good progress on the conditioning, but do not want to go overboard (also, frankly, do not want to buy more vest than I will use).

    Great program so far... thanks for all the info!

  4. Hey, it's me again.

    A quick question here;

    You recommend a keto diet in 365. I'm used to keto diets,like Lyle Mcdonalds, but they usually contain a carbload day. Would you suggest this to? My energy level drops tremendously when I don't have a carbload day.

    Thanks for all your support and info man!

    1. Yes you can throw in a carb load day after 10 days, then once every 7.

  5. Hey Paul,

    I am running a few weeks behind, however, I have just entered Phase 3 "conditioning emphasis" and I have a simple question. In regards to hills sprints, is it 10 hills in total for the week, or is it 10 hills 2 times times a week making it 20 hills sprints for the week.