Monday, February 11, 2013

Thoughts about life, crap, training, and stuff - Birfday partay edition

This past weekend was a joint birthday party between myself, and my good buddy Phil Stevens.  We planned this about a month ago and I knew after all of the "confirmed" invitations came in, that it would be a hell ride.  More than 30 people in my small house was going to be quite the affair.  I also knew that, because all my friends think I'm an alcoholic (that's sarcasm), I'd end up with more liquor AFTER the party that going into it.

As the party went on, one of the young ladies that came with Phil's group asked me what my overhead press was.  I told her it was around/over 300.  She asked me if I had pressed any people overhead.  I was perplexed by this question and thought she might be tricking me into something with witchcraft.

But she was serious.

So, after being shown how to do this properly (mainly by the person that is going to be pressed) the "people pressing" began.

I pressed my wife first.  Funny enough, she was the lightest adult I pressed but one of the most difficult because the person being pressed has to get very tight in the legs and clasp their arms together tightly, in order to make it as efficient as possible.  She did not do so.

After that, my buddy Jon pressed his wife but did so for 3 reps.  This irritated me.  I thought we were only doing singles.  So I then pressed our friend 4 times.  After that, I ended up pressing the female that started this whole pressing debauchery, for 10 reps.

I thought this was pretty much it, however about 15 minutes later, Phil came up to me and asked me if I was ready to press a man.

Phil is over 270 right now, and the biggest I've ever seen him.  I won't lie, I wasn't sure if I could press Phil.  It's a very awkward "lift" and pressing 275 on an evenly loaded barbell is not the same as pressing a floppy Phil.  Yes, that sounds terribly gay.

But we are men, and we're stupid.  So it had to happen.

In the pic it looks like my buddy Jon is holding me steady, however he was merely just playing "spotter" in case you know, I couldn't do this thing.

The clean was actually the hardest part.  Phil has to remain stiff (see, more gayness) so getting him into position was very, very difficult.  Though it doesn't really look like it on the video.

The press part was actually not that hard.  I think I might could have done a triple with him if I had known the press part wasn't going to be as hard as expected.  I'm not saying it was easy, because it was not, but a double was definitely doable.

Anyway, if you don't have LRB on Facebook (that's a link for it BTW), here is the side view vid of it.

To add to this, I had pressed 315 for 6 sets of 5 earlier that day on incline.

Which brings me to the real training portion of this "Thoughts about..." section.

All of this very low intensity training stuff is still driving my lifts up quite nicely.  I was incredibly tired for that particular workout, but the 315 for 6 sets of 5 was still like speed sets, and that was after a very solid triple at 365.

I'm basically working it out to account for 80% workouts, +10% sessions, and -10% sessions.

Why I hadn't thought of this long ago, I have no clue.  The body doesn't run in a linear fashion when it comes to energy (sleep, food, stress, etc).  So why shouldn't be able to have contingency plans for when the body is "normal, "up", or "down".

I will be detailing this more in the next Base Building installment.

I'm off today and already running behind so that's it for today.  More on base building with varying intensities later this week and some info how I've been getting all of assistance work in.


  1. Dude you didn't even lock him out. I noticed some chest cave as well, keep your elbows up and shrug to the top.

    (Just been listening to all your podcasts lately and couldn't resist.)

    Is there a way to get all the podcast archives in one place? The "Cheque Drop Edition" had me in stitches. Thanks for all the info.


    1. You'll have to search through my blog and Jamie's. they are all out there somewhere.

  2. That's pretty impressive Paul as I know Phil mentioned recently on IronRadio he's working on getting his bodyweight upto like 280+.
    Hell of a difference pressing 270 on a bar to a grown man. That's fuckin doubt about it.

    Glad you guys had a good time anyway.

    Interesting what you're saying about the training stuff there too. I did ask a while ago when you guys were doing the C&P podcasts about how you and Jamie account for good days and bad days.
    Like you say, the body doesn't work in a linear fashion and I think every training program/philosophy should have some kind of autoregulation (yeah, I know that sounds like kind of a lame word) into it to account for those shitty days.

    I know Jim's 5/3/1 kind of builds that into it in that you only do the required reps on a bad day...etc.

    If I remember correctly, you also wrote an awesome blog post a while back about "saving a shitty training session" which was great.

    Anyway, looking forward to reading more of your ideas on this - I appreciate all the work you put into this Paul :-)

  3. After getting of the floor (laughing because of "gayness") I thought - holy crap! This was a nice press.
    For the nonlinear planning: this is why I always liked wendlers 531 for the possibility to go for (+)-sets or not. But youre set for progress anyway, wheter you go nuts or not. Actually I found your blog trough some of his writings and found your stuff goes hand in hand with what he says. Since then you two are my most used sources of training knowledge and sarcastic writing ;)

    Keep up the great work, and better late than never: Happy Bday

  4. Hi Paul--

    Quick 365 question. I've decided to move on to phase two early and skip the real strength ramp period in phase one. I've built up some real issues in my hips and lower back and I just know that I will not be productive trying to push my deadlift and squat even into the 90% range as I carry those injuries in tow. Phase two, with the strength maintenance and the high rep and mobility work, seems like just the ticket. I guess I'll just be getting into shape a little sooner. (Because I'm bastardizing a very explicit program, I promise not to claim "I did Paul Carter's 365 and it didn't work, bro." It's on me.)

    So anyways, simple question -- is the lifting in phase two supposed to be four times/week or four sessions, but three times a week (so the fourth spills into week two).


    1. It can really be either or, but generally I run it 3X a week but 4 sessions (so as you noted it spills over).

  5. Happy Birthday Paul....

    ....and thanks for the new catch phrase:

    "But we are men, and we're stupid. So it had to happen."

  6. You are a strong muther$&#*$#!! Real talk....