Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Training - CNS burnout and a fried CNS wins again!

Ok so last night, I deadlifted....poorly.

I couldn't get a set of 4 with 550.  I got 3 and missed the 4th.  No shit.

Obviously, my CNS was fried as fuck.  Time to do something different or add some bands n chains n whips and midgets.

So yes, no wait, I didn't do that because IT'S FUCKING DUMB.

I went to the gym this morning, and did a workout AND conditioning for 30 minutes.........then this evening I did this at the gym.

Stiff legged deadlifts -
500x8 ties PR?

Regular Deadlifts -

fuck it.........


Sumo Deads - 405x3,3,3

Cable Rows - stack x 3 sets of 10.

Yes, obviously my CNS was totally fried last night, when I couldn't pull 550 for a set of 4, then smoked 635 tonight so fast it had whip a the top.  Obviously CNS burnout is real.  I should have changed movements but on the ride to the gym, I decided on a whim to pull the stiff legs.  And I think it tied a PR.

You don't believe in the easter bunny do you?  No?  Ok, stop believing in shit like CNS burnout because of an exercise.


  1. hi paul, which article(s) of yours debunk the use of bands and chains? and where or who came up with the idea of using them?

    my coach had me do some shit with bands the other day. i'm curious, about this debate.

  2. found the articles through your search function :)

  3. Paul,

    Do you find that strength increases in the SLDL transfer well to reg. deads?

    Deadlifts seem to fuck with me constantly, similar to your situation above, so i'm considering spending the majority of my time hammering the SLDL while doing full DLs only once every few weeks (maybe even less, depending)



    1. Yes, stiff legs give me good carryover to the regular pull.

  4. Best. Post. Ever.

    Seriously. As a University Sports Therapist I get my athletes (Football esp) asking about this all the time. They read some comment on a forum and are then convinced they have CNS burnout and adrenal fatigue. What they really had was a bad lifting day after 4 hours sleep and a weekend of booze.

    They're 19 and 20 years old for fucks sakes...adrenal fatigue? Ask a neurologist about CNS burnout and they'll look at you like you have rocks in your head. I'll leave the adrenal fatigue to the alternative medicine folks (i.e. bullshit).

    Maybe I'm just old and crusty now, but no one wants to work hard anymore. Everyone looks for excuses and don't want to take responsibility for their own outcomes. As a Therapist it can be pretty frustrating and draining.

    Anyways, my 42 year old scotch-belly is winning (beer isn't even really drinking), so I should go and do something.



    1. What's funnier is that the idiots who keep spouting this shit, will tell you that doctors and the like have no clue about this stuff. I mean, it's comedy gold. You're right, a neurobiologist has NO CLUE how the nervous system works. Louie Simmons does, tho. Jesus fucking christ.

  5. Well you could have some type of CNS problem if you are exposed to nerve gas so go light on those days otherwise get a better nights sleep and get ready to do work!

  6. Hey Paul,

    Do you often find that you have workouts after your worst, almost like a "CNS priming" type effect if you know what I mean.

    1. A "CNS priming" effect? Really?

      Let's not start more broscience garbage dude.

  7. I was agreeing with you, I just phrased it in a way that got you all fired up.

    What I meant was...some days it takes you ten minutes to warm up, some days it takes you thirty minutes to warm up, and some days it takes you two days to warm up. This doesn't mean your CNS is "burned out".

    Replace "CNS priming effect" with "extended warm-up" and you'll see what I mean.