Saturday, February 16, 2013

Training - Press

Bodyweight - 247

Close Grip all paused bench -



Flex Machine Rows - 7 sets of 8

Notes - I really felt the bottom drop out on that last triple with 365.  Though I will admit this was not a bad session for having had the stomach virus all week.


  1. Hi Paul,

    Hope its OK to ask a lrb-365 question here, apologies if its not.

    Basically I am having lower back issues and this week would have me on Wk2/3 of Phase 3 but I had to take the week off.

    So I'm now unsure where to go with 365 and was seeking your thoughts on this. I was thinking of skipping the final couple of weeks by doing a light deload this week and then commence week 13 the following?

    You can probably smell the noob all over me, must be the lynx effect, but I really didn't see any value in continuing heavy lifting for the sake of completing the first 9wks.

    Anyway appreciate any advice you may throw my way, love the site and the sound info provided.


    1. Take the next week to rehab and make sure you feel 100%, then just dial it back a few weeks. Possibly week 1 of phase 2.

  2. Hey Paul,

    I have been following your website for a while and have really bought into your style of lifting. I don't really follow your programs to the t but rather combine what I know to have work for myself with your philosophy. I followed the was able to create my own peaking cycle from your ebooks and my previous meet prs going into last saturday were 423/253/463 at 181 back in may 2012. On February 16, I got an 82lb pr on my total by going 8/9 and only missing my final bench at 270. I ended up with a 1221 total going 440/259/523 at 181.

    I do not plan on doing another meet for at least a year or so and will be moving into some base building. I have no doubt this will work for me as well. what I have learned and what everyone should have learned from your website is that you do not have to go balls to the wall every set of every workout 3-4 times per week to make progress. 3 weeks out from my meet i hit 1 set of triples around my openers then the next week I hit a single around my 2nd attempt and then took a week off and posted 3 meet PRs. Thank you for all the knowledge you have shared on your website.

    1. That's the shit I like to read. Guys using what is working for them and discarding what is not. Thanks for the write in!

      Here is the video of your teachings if you are interested.

  3. Quick question Paul,

    From your posts I know you use a close grip for you benching, WHat about incline and decline?

    1. I haven't done decline in forever.

      For inline check my vids. It's pretty close.