Friday, February 15, 2013

I constantly get asked about my background music

Since I train with my oldest, we pick music together.  I am not one of those fucking metal or music elitists that think that "only the shit I listen to is metal." then say "that shit you listen to?  I don't know what it is.  But it's not metal."  I hate that fucking attitude.  It's music.  I played it for 20 years.  I like and respect all kinds so long as you write it, develop it, and play it yourself.

I remember people hating on those kids Hanson? (I think that's right) but I thought to myself, at least they are playing their fucking instruments.  They were little kids.  What were they supposed to be playing?  Shit that would make Cannibalism Corpse shit their pants from fear?  Seriously people.  

I also hate when assholes tell me "your music sucks."  Then they put on some shit that sounds like two cats getting ear fucked by polar bears.  Yes, your taste in music is absolutely exquisite.  Where did I go wrong?

Here are some of the mainstays that Hannah and I listen to together when we train.  This is not going to blow your ears off or make Satan appear at your door (if he does, I will take credit for it somehow).  I like to listen to music that my training partner likes too.  Training is our time together and I want it to be something we both enjoy.  Part of that is finding that common ground for music we can bother tolerate.

Buckethead - Soothsayer

A7X - I won't see you tonight part 1   6:30 mark is what this song is all about.

KSE - Hope Is - This might be my all time fave.  At the 2:18 mark you kind of get a chance to "ready" yourself.  Then at 2:44 it picks back up.  When Howard lets out that scream at 3:05........god damn.

A7X - Nightmare  Hannah loves this song.  F bombs and all.

Skid Row - Quicksand Jesus  I was a big Skid Row fan in my youth and I loved the Slave to the grind album.

Disturbed - Indestructible  Another pick by my training partner.

Lamb of God - Walk with me in hell - If LOG doesn't fit "metal" to you, then you're just being intentionally obtuse.

Lamb of God - Ghost Walking

In Flames - My Sweet Shadow

Trivium - Into the mouth of hell we march   Another fave of mine.

Trivium - Pull harder on the strings of your martyr


  1. Replies
    1. unfortunately no. my training partner won't let me.

  2. I love this list! Fuck yes! Buckethead is glorious as well. Trivium's Shogun album helped me get through college. Only sad part is I already listen to all of this so now I don't have anything to add to my workout list.

    You and Hannah have great taste. Not that I discount others taste, but I would have trouble in the gym setting listening to Hanson!

  3. Killswitch Engage are awesome. I hope their new material is as good with the original singer.

  4. Hey Paul, can I ask why you stopped playing after 20 years? Do you mean you stopped gigging or stopped playing altogether?

    1. I still jam if I get the chance. I still love to play I just don't get much time for it.

  5. Love me some Buckethead. Most people either love him or hate him.

  6. Paul,

    Lift to Dead Can Dance's album "Within the Realm of a Dying Sun" and you will probably go through several striking manifestations during your session.

    It is NOT metal.

    Brendan Perry and Lisa Gerrad's voices together are gifts from the gods.

  7. Paul,

    As a father of three myself I would like to ask you how you go about training with one of your kids. For instance, what age did that start, what age you feel is appropriate? Did you encourage or push it on them or did they want to do it on their own? If you could give a little history on how that has gone and your take on the pros and cons I'd be really interested. Thanks bro.


    1. Brad did you buy Strength, Life, Legacy? I have a whole chapter in there dedicated to this subject.

    2. Paul,

      No, I didn't. I bought 365. If the answer is in S.L.L. Then I'll pick it up. Thanks and take care.


    3. If you search around on the blog I've also written about this topic quite a bit.