Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Training - Heavy Pulls

Bodyweight - 250

Deadlifts -


Elevated Stiff Legs - 455x8,8

Db Shrugs - 140's x 20,20
Barbell Shrugs - 315x5, 405x5, 500x5, 585x5, 635x5

Notes - Nice session.  Everything felt easy and fast.  Would have liked to have gotten 3 sets of 5 with the 550 but the third set had slowed considerably and I didn't want to start grinding reps.


  1. Looking huge man, looks like you leaned out while adding a couple more pounds on CBL

  2. Nice pull Paul, you look huge!
    Wish you did Raw Deadlift Series, since your squat series helped me a lot!
    my problem with deadlift is that my butt shoots up, and alongside that i'm weak all over, i think i have technical issues.

    so what is the first thing you should be thinking of when initiating the pull (something like unlock hips, sit back for squat)

    1. The one thing I have been working on a LOT lately, is getting my glutes and hams tight before I even pull so I can get more activation from them. My upperback is very strong so I tend to let my hips drive up and shift to the upperback for pulling.

      So I'm still working on a lot of these things myself.

    2. You deadlift just like how my coach taught me (he does the same as well).

      What I see in this vid....that your tight hips and glutes get lowered a little bit and then all of a sudden....BAM! Like a jack-hammer, you pull the bar off the floor.

  3. oh yeah i forgot to mention i ditched the belt, and all the lifts look better, technique wise...
    so thanks

  4. Paul how long dos it takes for you to complete an average work out/session

  5. Hey Paul, what kind of adidas are those? Sambas or Dragons?