Saturday, August 17, 2013

First day at Littleton Crossfit.

Awesome first day at Crossfit in Littleton.

I will write up a more thorough overview but some highlights -

  • Ian Starr has an awesome place.  If you're in the area, get out to it.  Not only that, Ian is an awesome dude and has made me feel like royalty in his treatment of me in all this.  So has many others who have gone all out to make my stay awesome and enjoyable.
  • The group of people I am working with are very attentive and awesome.  It makes it all worth it when you have a group like this to work with.  
  • I've acclimated to the high altitude pretty well.  
  • It's still amazing to me how moving the bar an inch can change someones entire technical "movement". 
  • Deadlifting is so simple, but so many people make the same mistakes in doing so.  
Looking forward to day 2 very much.  I am really enjoying my time out here!  

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  1. Hey Paul, what are your thoughts on this article about Westside for Raw lifters that was just posted on elitefts? He brings up some valid points but I tend to agree with you more on it being far from optimal for raw guys.