Thursday, August 22, 2013

Really cool testimonial

Hi Paul,
I just wanna throw in another testimony for sub-max training. I used to keep attacking high percentages day in and day out, and while it worked for a while, I was just not seeing results after a point. After seeing you and a few others advocating training at a low intensity I decided to give it a shot. I followed the plan in your book of over-warming up and then filling the rest of the session with tons of volume at about 60% intensity. I gotta say, the first a few weeks it just didn't feel like it's doing anything for me. But I didn't hop program, and kept on going.

Well it's been two months, and the results are speaking for themselves. I went from a pitiful grind of a 405 deadlift single to an easy 405x3, with easily another 2 in the tank. The rest of my lifts are equally improving at a dramatic pace. Also because of the increased volume, I just feel better overall. All my joints feel much smoother, and I just feel much more in shape. This shit works.

I talked to the owner of my gym, and he told me that he's glad someone realized the value of "training" instead of testing. He said a lot of younger guys run themselves to the ground with their constant testing of limits, and ended up lifting the same weight 3 years later. It's much better to leave ego at the door, and just train your ass off with a humble intensity.

Well, I certainly am a believer now. I'm excited to keep going forward. Hopefully one day I can actually post some respectable numbers. Thank you for enlightening me.

Have a great day,


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