Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Training through the plague - Pressing

Bodyweight - 265

Incline - bar x20,20


Shrugs - 225x50,50,50,50
Curl Machine - 180x10,10,10

Notes - I've had the flu-plague-somethingsoawfulitcan'tbeexplained for 5 days now.  I wasn't going to train tonight, however last minute I decided I'd go ahead and give it a go.

Just to prove a theory about good programming, I've always said you should still be able to hit your EDM EVEN WITH THE FLU.

I present to you 405 on incline, with good speed still.

The 315x12 is only 1 shy of my best rep set ever as well.


  1. Dude, why do you get sick so often? I swear you come down with something at least once a month.

    1. I couldn't tell you the last time I was sick. Once a month? What?

    2. I'm bored, so...

      9/7/10: "Notes - I am sick with some kind of cold/head/sinus/sneezing/mono/aids/ebola/mutabo virus."

      3/15/11: " Well hard to grade this workout because I'm sick as hell and had the cold sweats and shakes the whole time."

      9/14/11: "sick as hell. Have some kind of chest/sinus bullshit going on"

      5/??forgot/12 "Notes - Felt like complete dog shit. Was sick at my stomach in the parking lot and almost talked myself into going home. Glad I didn't."

      7/25/12 "Notes - I felt ok, but the last two days I have had awful stomach cramps and diarrhea."

      11/13/12 "Have the flu, or at minimum the black mamba cold of death. Felt as awful as I have felt in some time."

      12/23/12 "I'm sick with some kind of minor cold,"

      That's all I could find before losing interest. So that's what, 2 colds and 2 food poisonings in 2012; 1 flu and 1 chest cold in 2011; 1 flu in 2010. Doesn't seem out of the ordinary.

    3. Yeah I'm not sure how I ever gave off the impression that I was always sick. Certainly not every month.

  2. If 405 is your EDM for incline, then I assume you're basing your current training on a higher number. How did you end up deciding to go that route?

    1. Uh no, you base your training on your EDM. That's the point. Your EDM is something you can hit any day of the week. So your numbers should be based off of that. Not something you can only hit when your hair is on fire.

    2. I get that. So for you, 405 is not your EDM on Incline, but rather a % of something close to your EDM, correct?

      I'm trying to make sure I see this all clearly, so I often go back and check your training logs after re-reading parts of your manuals to make sure what's being put into practice lines up with my understanding of the philosophies.

      On a side note, I've set lots of Rep PRs on RDLs, Fronts, Bench and Rows through the LRB split and 1/2 way into the Strong-15 Short. Really enjoying the 365 program right now, thanks.

    3. No, 405 is my EDM. I don't program it higher than that because even on my bad days, like here, I can still hit that. Much more and I'm not sure if I could. That's the point. Evne on a horrible day you should still be good for your EDM.

  3. Paul,

    It just seems like you are sick all the time because you share that info with us, and time fucking flies.

    So it's really like 6 or 8 months ago if not more that you posted about being sick, but it seems like yesterday to your average reader who just casually remembers a previous post about being sick.

    I say who gives a fuck, the point is Paul trains through it and still hits his EDM.

    Showing and proving yet again.....

    I was wondering where you went the last few days, glad you felt good enough to get some work in. Hope you feel 100% sooner than later.

    1. the last time I was sick I believe, was December. that was 8 months ago.

    2. April 16th:

      They might also be thinking about this, where you were talking about Pete having the flu:

      I actually searched back because I also thought you'd been sick more often than that, but I guess I was wrong, too. ...Although I *did* only search for "cold" "flu" and "sick".

  4. Kids tend to spread the plague(s), guy has 3.

    Many of my friends who have kids are literally sick every 4-5 months.