Monday, November 19, 2012

Chaos and Bang Your Earballs - 44 mag edition

Not a lot of training talk but VERY entertaining.

Why Dimebag, Phil Collins, Led Zep, Black Sabbath, Lynard Skynard, and many others are vastly overrated.
Eric's record breaking squat.
Getting run over by your spouse for lack of voting
The Beetus awareness month
Gangnam Style...........



  1. Listen, man, small breasts are great. Don't hate on the B cups. Especially don't hate on the A cups.

  2. Hey Paul,

    I've only recently discovered yours and Jamie's blogs and I gotta say I absolutely love this shit. I was surprised you're a drummer too!

    Given that we're musicians and you clearly have a sense of humour I thought I'd give you 30 minutes of entertainment in the form of my comic relief metal band. This shit is not to be taken seriously, but I think you'll get a few laughs outta this.

    Keep up the great work otherwise! I believe I'm getting Strength Life Legacy for Christmas. Don't suppose there's any way of getting paperback copies right now?

  3. the 2k total all star has taken down his vids.

    1. I saw. He's a fraud and a pussy. I wanted to slap those "no big deal" looks off of his fucking face after I realized it was fake as shit.

  4. Replies
    1. Overrated man. If he were still alive no one would be talking about him like they do now. He was great, no mistake, but like top 3 all time? Fuck no.

    2. I understand. I had the pleasure of seeing Pantera in HS and It blew me away. I sang his praises on high LONG before he was killed. Top 3? Shiiit....Eddie, Randy and SRV tied. Zakk comin in on close 4th.

  5. Get Dave Mustaine on the podcast.

  6. Paul,

    That was pretty entertaining. I look forward to the next one. It's a fact that when someone dies they are appreciated more than when they were alive, but I wouldn't call Dime over-rated at all. People tend to call him over-rated because they hate all the cockneck bastards that jumped on his bandwagon after his death.

    I enjoy the first GnR record just as much as the next guy, but it's not better than vulgar display of power.

    And yeah....Mustaine on the PodCast would be really annoying but equally entertaining.

    and yeah, fuck Ozzy and ACDC, they suck balls, I don't care what anybody says.

  7. Hey man,

    Awesome CNB

    In relation to the Participation Generation:
    Test levels have been declining since the 60s at a rate of more or less of 1% each year leading to more eunuchs, metrosexuals and assorted pussies. An unpublicized issue.