Monday, November 12, 2012

Chaos and Bang Your Earballs - F the incline press edition

Discussed -

Why Jamie thinks the incline press is depressing
Killing burglars with an iron (as in ironing board, iron)
More controversy on the row
Jamie being salty for not being able to take tomorrow off to play Call of Duty


  1. >The guy who was the best fighter would win
    That's not an option Paul, how can you expect your training to go well if you can't even pick an answer without completely bastardizing a simple question?

    1. That's always an option when talking about who will win a fight.

  2. To solve pendlay row conundrum, maybe I work up to a max set of 3 reps with loose form and then do multiple sets super strict with lighter weight.

    Best of both worlds then, win, win (assuming I don't injure myself)?

  3. Thanks for the question answered about the first meet. Good stuff; echoes what I've been reading. Everything I read says:

    1st lift - Something you could easily triple.
    2nd lift - 5-10lb PR
    3rd lift - Balls out go-for-broke based on how you feel.

    Sound about right?

  4. I used to have the same problem as Jamie with incline press. Now after coming back to it after about 6 months I like it more then bench press. Your book is great and after running 5/3/1 for the past year and understanding more about proper programming I look forward to starting the LRB template.

  5. The backyard bash was real hard to watch. Total ugliness. Only Lillibridge really brought his A game.

    Also, is it me or is SPF the sloppiest fed in the world? Tons of soft starts both in squat and bench, very short or non-existent pauses, etc etc. I'm not a fan.

    1. The SPF has been the worst fed in all of powerlifting when it comes to judging for a while now.

    2. The judging isn't bad, the rules are just lax.
      For example "the press command shall be given when the bar makes contact with the chest" while the IPF has "the press command shall be given when the bar lays motionless on the chest". Soft starts also also allowed. It's not bad judging, it's just a shitty fed lol

    3. You can't be serious. The SPF judging is the worst in all of powerlifting. Their rules are the same as pretty much everyone else, they just don't abide by them. Go check out their rule on what a squat is, and tell me if they adhere to that....