Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Hey Paul,

Just wanted to say thank you for your book. I have been doing your LRB template. Didn't change much really except for the frequency. I do it in a 2 days on/1 day off/1 day on/1 day off/ manner, and so far have added 40lbs to my incline in 10 weeks. I have found from playing doc Brown that hitting everything every 5 days works better for me than every 7 days. I went from 245x3, to 285x3. All my other lifts have gone up too but that has been the most dramatic. Obviously, I had everything else in place, like nutrition/sleep/supplementation, but other than my training, nothing else really changed. Programming and being very conservative with my maxes helped tremendously.

Love your blog!

From me:  There is a part in there that is REALLLLY important.  I will let you try to figure out what that is.....Congrats to Jeremy on getting better and being smart.  The latter usually causing the former to happen.


  1. Between you, Wendler, and a few other guys I read I have REALLY taken the idea of starting too light to heart.

    I have been on 5/3/1 for a while and (in addition to starting light) I could sense my limits coming on the squat and dead lift, so I decided to drop those training maxes back to what they were a few cycles ago so I could still keep setting rep maxes instead of hoping to hit the required reps in the coming cycles.

    Like you said... No need to hit a max in the gym, running myself into the ground and potentially injuring myself in the process. Just gotta keep on keepin on.

    1. Jim and I will be expounding on this a lot in the coming months.

  2. I hope thats your way of saying it was a wise thing to do...

    I also let myself get a bit fat, so I am doing a quick 4 week conditioning/diet spec... So what I did was only hit the required reps for the Strength work. Didnt go nuts on the assistance work, but I REALLY pushed the conditioning work (built up to 2 activities a day at this point, be it a weight vest walk, a regular walk, sprinting, or a prowler session)

    Heading into the conditioning spec, I did NOT increase my maxes, nor will I increase them as I get back to regular training for the first cycle. So its basically going to be 3 cycles of using the same weight for the Percentages... But as you always say, something has to give when you focus on one area more than another.

    Oddly enough, the strength on my pressing has remained pretty stable, but my dead lift and squat are taking a small hit. But I am sure it will go right back up as soon as I am not going SO nuts on the conditioning, and am eating another 300-500 cals a day.

  3. Hah, thought I was reading my own testimonial here. I did the exact same thing as this guy pretty much. I've found every 5 days to be perfect frequency with Paul's programming.