Friday, November 23, 2012

Training - Press and support work

Bodyweight - no idea, no scale

Db Bench Press -
40's x 20,20
60's x 20,20
100's x 25, 10

Rear Delt Machine -
4 x 15

Barbell Curls - 70 x 20,20,20,20
Tricep Rope Extensions - 4x30

Notes - No carbs for 10 days again now.  I just worked it this way because we're having a joint family Thanksgiving today.  We couldn't reserve the room for yesterday so we had to basically do the big Thanksgiving today, so around 4 P.M. I plan on inducing the biggest carb coma I've ever had.

Anyway, the session started off ok however on the second set of db press wow, I tanked fast.  I was expecting to get 15-18 there but the gas tank totally emptied on the first set.

I hope everyone had an awesome Turkey day feast yesterday and is avoiding Black Friday like the plague.


  1. Hey Mr.Carter, it would mean the world to me if you would check out my liting blog for a moment and till me what you think. Thank you, I love the blog it has influenced my training heavily.

    Thank you very much !

  2. Dude..Carb Coma. Details or it didn't happen

  3. Why 10 days? Forgive my ignorance if the answer is in the book, i have yet to receive it. Why not 8 days, or 13 days? Thanks.