Saturday, November 10, 2012

Training - Shoulders - Overhead PR

Bodyweight - 240

Press Behind the Neck -
bar x 30,30

225x12 PR

Side Laterals/Bent Lateral Superset - 20's x 20/20 x 20/20 (2 sets of 20 for each)
Db Shrugs - 140's x 15,15

Notes - Sweet session.  6th day of ultra low carbs but I had a great session.  Yesterday I felt the worst, but today I actually feel pretty good.  Nice to hit another pressing PR.  I've been capable of this plenty times before but today I decided to go ahead and go after it.


  1. Fuckin awesome man! Do you always do the BTN presses seated? Is this for stability or am I just looking too far into it?

    1. Yes, seated. If I do klokov press or military it's usually standing.

  2. So if you're on day 6 you gotta be in ketogenesis. For me, this is when I'm dragging. Not so much lifting-wise, but if I'm doing conditioning I go into full retard mode. So did you back off on conditioning, carb re-feed, or what?

  3. Dunno if you're interested or not Paul but a 1988 seminar of Kaz got uploaded on youtube...features him lifting as well

  4. killin the kill switch! just stumbled across your page man... really dig it!

  5. Paul, what do you feel hits the shoulders better and is better overall for strength carry over klokov or seated/standing behind the neck presses? Which will get your shoulders bigger?

  6. Paul, good job on the PBN's. I've just recently started doing them again after a very long time of not doing them. In the past I've always seemed to injure either my shoulder or neck when I started getting into the heavier weights. What I've found helps is similar to what you do, use the bar for high reps as a warm-up for several sets. I feel this really primes the shoulders for heavier lifting. I also added DC shoulder stretches after my shoulder and bench workouts. This is an excellent exercise that has really helped my shoulder health & flexibility.


    1. What do those stretches look like?

      I've tried Klokov presses with just the bar for high reps and my shoulders always hurt for a few days after.
      Maybe I'll give the seated BTN press a try.

  7. Light weight Klokovs for high reps make my shoulders feel like a goddamned sexual tyrannosaurus. A couple sets of cable external rotations every pressing day + 10 sets of 20 Klokovs with just the bar every week works wonders.

    If they feel weird or hurt at low weight, be sure your shoulders are fully externally rotating under bar, sort of turning "up." Don't try to keep them facing "forward." If you watch that video of Klokov doing them and even the video of Paul doing them you can see the shoulders upturn right before the power gets dumped into the press.

  8. Haha, just watched Predator 2 days ago.
    Gotcha - external rotation Ill give that a try.