Saturday, November 17, 2012

Training - Pulls with a PR

Bodyweight - 240

Pendlay Rows -

Elevated Stiff Legs -
500x7 PR


Db Rows - 140's x 10,10,10

Notes - Another PR (that makes 3?) in the last month, all the while cutting carbs completely out for the most part (the 1 day of back loading).  Down to 240 but still feel ok.  Probably could have done 500x8 but I always leave that one or two in the tank.

BTW just for reference since cock biter claims I can't pull 700...Dan Green's best on the elevated stiffs in this manner are 565x5 and another 800+ puller I knows best is 500x10 on these, fresh.  I pull with Phil Stevens sometimes (who has also pulled over 800), and Phil will tell you that he pulls the same as me, meaning more from the floor than mid-shin.  When I pulled 650 for the first time, my best midshin pull was 635.  I just missed 695 at Phil's from mid-shin a few weekends ago, so you do the math.  Afterwards I pulled 655 for an easy double.

I absolutely refuse to even load the bar to 700 because it has been probably my biggest goal ever in lifting, and the first time I do it, it will be IN A MEET after squats and benches.  Otherwise guess what?  IT DOESN'T COUNT.  Point is, I know I can pull over 700 however the first time I pull it, will be the first time I have tried pulling it, and it will be in a meet.  Again, that's been a big goal of mine for a long time, and the dead has always been my worst lift so going over 700 will be a big milestone for me.

Though it does remind me of when a bunch of douchers told me I couldn't incline 405 when I was constantly doing 315x10.  I did it.  However I also realized I changed my path and what I was doing in order to prove shit to other people.  I do not live that way.  I do shit according to my own goals, on my own time, and my own way.  As I wrote before, what someone else does has zero effect on my life.

Oh yeah, also for the people who said I don't do reps, as you can see, the last month+ has pretty much all been shit in the 8-15 rep range.  Bread and butter of strumpf and mass.


  1. Paul, impressive shit! Getting PRs while cutting carbs is never easy. What do you think is the reason your training has not been affected negatively while you are dieting?


    1. I think I've done a better job of keeping my fats higher this time. In the past I'd really do more like low carb/low fat and strength would just bottom the fuck out. This time, I'm having down days for sure, just not as many.

    2. Are you starting to figure out how Jamie can lift the way he does on low carbs? Or do you still think he's a genetic anomaly?

      Not trying to patronize you by the way, but this could be an eye opener to Jamie's methods for you. Not saying it's optimal might I add, I don't do well on low carb myself, but I guess it CAN work, even for you.

    3. No I couldn't train the way he does, and yes I think he's a genetic outlier. You gotta remember I wasn't exactly high carbing it before, with about 100-125 grams a day usually being the norm. So it's not a huge change. The first week of less than 30 grams a day is always rough, however as any guy eating carbs can attest, you're always stronger eating carbs than not eating them.

      Jamie can do what he does also because he doesn't do any reps. Reps and carbs generally go hand in hand. Funny enough, reps and carbs also equal mass. And what's the one thing Jamie complains he can't do anymore? Build more mass.

      I win.

  2. Replies
    1. For the most part yeah. After I settle in to a leanness I am happy with, I will start playing with the backloading.

      If I can get the leg fixed before next year I expect to finally hit some long time goals.

    2. Awesome.
      I´ve been doing it for a while with good results so far. I normally respond very well to keto dieting, but I´d say that CN really teaches you a lot about your body.
      What I found is that you can gain strength and keep a fairly high volume/frequency approach if you find out what works for you (more fat, less fat, more protein, etc...)

      It will be interesting to see how you react to it, since you don´t usually like keto dieting! So far, so good it seems!

  3. Going to pull that at the "USPF" nationals next year in Chicago?

    Funny, I can't even find that meet listed, though they usually run them in June-July. So what, that's like 6-7 months away? Not gonna max before then, right? Doing things "on your own terms", "like a REAL man"? Riiight.

    You posted in 2011 about doing the nationals and going over 700. You didn't. Now it's 2012 and you're saying the same thing. What you should be saying is "I haven't made shit in the way of progress in a year, and I can't do it". At least that would be honest.

    Excuses, excuses.

    1. No excuses here. I did the USPF nationals last year, so I'm not sure what it is you're talking about. Can you please tell me what meet it is that you have done? And what your name is. I don't hide behind anything. You hide behind "Herb Icide" and can't tell me a single meet you've done.

      I was going to do the UPA Nationals in March of this past year, but my leg got increasingly worse, to the point that squatting 500 was incredibly painful. That's pretty well documented. Both by me and my medical records.

      As far as not making progress, I pulled 635 off the blocks before the USPF Nationals last year, and just missed 695 off the blocks two weeks ago. You're right, I've made no progress. Oh wait, I hit another PR today in elevated stiff legs. Fuck me, I'm stuck.

      The USPF Nationals for this year isn't listed yet. I was told by someone who is involved it will be in Chicago again, so I'm doing it. And nope, I almost never max out, and if you REALLY had read my shit, you'd know I'm completely against doing gym maxes. They don't mean shit, so why do em? Ed Coan had the same belief. Oh which brings us back to you...until you get your lifts in a book, they don't mean shit. Do you get that?

      When you do, and they are legit, I'll be the first person to say "awesome lifts dude". until then you're just another basement lifting internet troll. Doing basement lifts are not the same as doing a full meet. You wouldn't know this, because you haven't done a real meet have you?

      You could have opened up the initial conversation by saying "hey, I haven't competed but here are my lifts, and I do sloppy rows. Ed did some sloppy rows too, so maybe he did both? What do you think?" But started with "you're talking out of your ass". When you don't give respect you won't get respect.

      As I said, do the USPF Nationals in June or July (I don't know the date). No belt, no wraps, close grip bench. Out total me. Dinner is on me if you do.

      I think this debate has taken up enough of my blog. If you do compete, best of luck.

    2. Herb Icide, you are a strong dude and I hope you compete and get your numbers in the books. That being said, I'd like to give you some advice that was passed down to me from a very wise man. You can be the strongest guy around, but if you're an asshole, you'll always be remembered as an asshole, not the guy who lifted a ton of weight.

    3. You compete completely raw Paul, and that's what makes you and your training logs even more impressive to me.

      Good reply to the troll btw. @Herb Fungalcide if you don't have anything constructive to say, perhaps you should just keep quiet.

    4. Sorry, but I call bullshit. I watched the videos and this shit looks fake. If its real, then so is this one.

    5. Yeah I have my doubts, but I will wait and see. I find it incredibly odd that a guy that won't give his name, and has never competed has world record lifts in all three and a total and zero meets to his name. But I'll give the benefit of the doubt and give ol boy a chance to prove himself on the platform.

    6. Just checked out Herb Icide's lifts. Not too many guys can set a 750 squat back in the hooks of their rickety home power rack one hook at a time. And still stare defiantly at the camera. I call shenanigans.

    7. Yeah I'm not sold on it either, which is why I'm asking him to come compete. If it's lifts are legit, that's bad ass.

      But I think it's strange to see a guy upload videos for the purpose of trying to "prove me wrong", is capable of breaking tons of long standing records, but has never competed and no one knows who he is. Even stranger is that he doesn't even look like he lifts.

    8. And he finishes a "token" 750 deadlift, then winks like he had another 50lbs in him. I think he looked at the video afterward, realized it looked very easy and claimed it was just a token lift. Anyone who pulls that, with so much to spare pulls another. If he is into gym PRs.

      Which was your point. If he can do those lifts in front of judges I look forward to it.

      I guess he's trying to beat the complaint I see a lot of lifting boards. A guy will comment on a high squat or an unlocked bench and the reply is often "well how much do you lift? I bet you don't know what it's like to have 700 on your back---!"

      It's cool Herb has to post such huge lifts in order to argue with you.

    9. Even more suspect is that he just happened to record a "total" a "few weeks" ago, then completely side steps my challenge to take me on at a meet, for a steak of his choice. You know, since my goals are his warm ups.

      I also love how his "795 deadlift" has ZERO bar bend. NONE.

    10. Is this Herb guy for real?

      Wtf was that ugly ass looking high squat with fake plates? If you're gonna use fake plates at least make it look decent.

      Will give him credit for providing some good entertainment though, can't believe anyone would call someone out without officially competing themselves.

      Herb or whatever your name is, I look forward to seeing you put up your internet numbers in a meet. FYI most powerlifting federations won't allow you to bring your own plates, good luck with that.

    11. Yeah a whole group of us have been having a rather good laugh about it today. I think I was just out of it the other day to notice all of the dead giveaways in the video that his shit is about as legit as sending money to someone from nigera that is under attack of warlords.

    12. Ha, ha - that's a good one - "legit as sending money to Nigeria".

      Herb is the Sacha Baron Cohen / Borat of Powerlifting. I'm half expecting his next video to feature an 800lbs deadlift with him wearing an all in one light green Mankini, Borat style.

  4. Paul,

    Taking the high road makes me like you more.

    The herb guy does make it entertaining to me, but really doesn't bring anything else to the threads he posts on.

    You know what they say about arguing with people on the internet....its like competing in the special Olympics....even if you win your still....well, you get it.

    Thanx for your time as always.

  5. Paul,

    This is prob stupid but I'm really trying to bring up my arms esp my biceps because I neglected them for so long. Right now I squat/legs on Mon,Bench/tri work on wed, dead/back on Fri and overhead/bicep work on Sat. I was thinking of buying a barbell and maybe doing some poundstone curls on Tuesdays but not to failure. Like eventually working up to 2-3x50 with it. Do you think that would be ok or not even worth it and maybe mess up my bench day?

  6. Replies
    1. Actually yeah Phil just missed it at lockout. I can't ever remember if he pulled it or just missed it. I think his best pull is 780-something.

  7. Two sick days followed by a pr? Excellent *steeples fingers*

    1. You know, this is not uncommon at all. I have no idea if there is a phenomenon behind it but I can't tell you how many times i've hit a rep PR after a week of sickness.

  8. Heba what ever the fuck your name're a douche bag. Everything that Paul has claimed that he is done is documented, plus the guy knows his shit. Either put up or shut up.

  9. Scoreboard of what each man has contributed to this community:

    Paul: A shit load.

    Herb: Nothing on top of being a negative critical bitch.

  10. Totally random question Paul. You and Jamie have been doing behind the neck snatch grip presses (aka Klokov presses) for something like seven months now (I think you first talked about them in April). And you have put up some sick numbers (and vids of you putting up those numbers); impressive as hell.

    All the flattery aside - what carryover have you seen from doing Klokov presses to your overhead press or your bench press? Or have you found that its been more of a aesthetic-oriented lift?

    1. People may hate this but overhead stuff does nothing for the rest of my lifts. I'm naturally good at it. I've gone out and looked at lots of the lightweight strongman overhead stuff and I'm either better than them or right with the very best in terms of overhead strength. And that's without training it. That's not bragging at all, I've always been good at overhead pressing for some reason.

      I can remember doing 185 overhead for reps when I was like 160 or so. I am trying to make overhead work a bigger staple just because I think I can put up some legit sick numbers for overhead work, but I'm very meh on overhead work because it's so easy for me. I tend to want to get really good at shit I'm not good at, and get bored with shit I am good at. Just my nature.

      So for me, no type of overhead work is really going to do anything for anything else because all of my overhead strength just comes naturally. If that makes sense.

    2. Totally makes sense, thanks for the honest response.

  11. Those plates from Herb Icide don't look fake to me, just sayin. In the 795 deadlift video when he does the PC and the cheat rows you can hear the plate clang from several plates; one single plate and a bunch of plastic/aluminum ones wouldn't sound like that. Then again I suppose it's possible for him to have two real plates and then some plastic replicas made to look exactly like one of the real plates.

    Still, I wish people would just let everyone else have whatever opinion they want. It is clear to anyone with half a fucking neuron that this blog is simply an expression of Paul Carter's opinions on lifting. He even makes it clear at least a thousand times that everyone needs to find what works best for themselves, and as a direct corollary then you are free to disagree with some of the stuff this blog says. If you have found that something Paul says doesn't work for you then just don't do it. Doesn't mean the advice this blog is giving won't work for ANYONE.

    1. Clanging isn't the issue. I'm just not sold his lifts are legit. His squat was high as fuck anyway, so that one doesn't even matter that much anyway, but to put this in perspective for you, no 242 guy has totaled 2K raw since Kirk Karwoski did it back in 2004.

      Right, that's Capt Kirk....sauced. And he can total almost as much as Kirk on a whim natural. Has no name, has no meet to his "name", won't meet me on the platform.

      Putting all this together? Again, if he meets me on the platform or goes somewhere and that's his legit total, I'll be the first person to say "awesome". However you don't find it weird that he says he's been training all this time to break Kuc's record and doesn't have a single legit lift to his name?

      Seriously man.....

    2. Well the drug free claim I don't even pay any heed to. Any time I hear "drug free" I just completely ignore it. There is exactly zero people who have put up lifts like these without drugs, and every single story you've heard about some old time strongman lifting some big weight is just bullshit to be filed next to the fable of Milo. If someone claims drug free and deadlifts 800, I just interpret it as him wanting to compete in an IPF sanctioned meet so he makes the claim he has to make in order to do so. I'm sure belyaev claims drug free too, as do behdad salimi and hossein rezazadeh.

      As for finding the guys behavior weird... I stopped trying to make sense of people's behavior a long time ago. If you start thinking about it, lots of seemingly normal people do seriously weird shit. Theres a guy who juiced up to 280lbs, became a world record holder equipped lifter, and dresses up in drag in his basement. Maybe he's even a full blown transgender who knows. There's all the people who hate gear users and are gear users themselves. There's that gay bashing senator who got busted soliciting gay sex during a 30min layover in an airport. There's guys who jerk off to dudes fucking their wife. Theres a dude with a lifting blog full of pics of naked chicks who eats man ass (wink wink). Hell, I know a motherfucker that's spent about 6 years (altogether) of his life collecting welfare in some form or another who complains about "freeloaders" and "socialism." A lot of people do really weird things, without even being that weird themselves. But then there's the people who are actually weird and have relationships with realdolls and shit, those guys are capable of any nonsensical behavior. I do suspect this guy is a little off in the head.

      Btw Eric Spoto didn't do a meet until he was the #3 best bencher of all time. But I do agree, Herbicide dude should put his money where his mouth is and compete. It's stupid as shit not to do so anyway. Tomorrow he could lose a hand in a car crash or get ALS and forever lose his chance to own an extremely diminutive slice of history in the form of a slot in a top 10 powerlifting list somewhere. Or he might just get weaker. George Leeman has a gym DL of 875x4 and his best comp dl is 837 (though he did almost get 865). Why the heck did Leeman not compete earlier? Who knows.

      As for the straining and whatever, shane haman walked out 950 for a 2nd attempt and squatted it without any sign of strain whatsoever, and without wobbling around at all. Benedikt M dealifted 1015 with a barely pink face too. If you came off a blast 2 weeks ago your bp is lower than usual and lifts look effortless.

    3. I mean don't get me wrong I'm not sold on ANYONE's lifts until they are done on a platform but I also wouldn't be so sure that this guy isn't for real. I don't think there's any reason to be convinced he's lying. And him lying anonymous for the sake of internet trolling would be just as weird a behavior as him holding off on competition til he can beat Kuc's record.

    4. He took down the vid. Don't be so gullible dawg. The bar and the way the weights moved were not legit. Come on......

    5. And Paul, not that this hasn't already been beaten to death...but I just realized that he claimed he made a "mock meet" vid "a few weeks ago", and was putting it up to show you his legit total. Yet, if he made the vid BEFORE his discussion with you, why is he gesturing to the camera, shrugging his shoulders like its no big deal, etc? Just weird this whole thing.

      At first I was very impressed, but upon further examination I think the grey plates may be fake. Maybe this is his idea of a joke/trolling? I have watched dozens of contests and p-lifting vids...rarely is there no bar bend once you get north of 600 lbs. And even the titans have struggled unracking 500 for BP, and 700 for squats.

      I hope he does compete at USAPL, it will be interesting to see.

      Cheers man.


    6. He doesn't compete. He's an internet basement warrior just like all of us guys that actually compete said he was. Jamie said on the podcast last night he'd pay him $1000 to show up and out total him. But if he couldn't he'd beat his ass.

      I don't know who he is but he's a first class troll and a weak bitch not only physically but mentally. I am always up for giving someone the benefit of the doubt but when you show up with what appears to be a fake vid and call me a bitch, and talk about your "totals" you better put your money where your mouth is.

      Dude got bitch slapped. I'm sure his weak no muscle having ass will show up as another "name" or troll at some point. Such is the internet.

    7. Yeah seeing that he took down the vid and literally ran away from an already-anonymous internet troll encounter, I gotta say he was a faud. I don't think I was being gullible so much as playing dickhead's advocate. It's just that no matter how you cut it the guy's behavior definitely doesn't make sense at all. Who on earth would go through the trouble of filming a fake elite total with fake plates just to "win" an argument about pendlay rows? Most ridiculous thing I've ever seen in my life.

    8. Ha, ha just read your comment, the pussy troll took his video down.

      Shame, I hope he comments again, he provided the best laugh I have had in a while. What saddo spends all that time creating troll videos???

  12. To me it's just watching the walkout, the way he unracks the bench, how easy the deadlift is.

    On the squat, there's barely any bar bend and his walk out is effortless. If you've ever seen someone walk out 700+, it's usually a very straining affair. He walks it back in effortlessly and re-racks it one side at a time without much concern, despite it being an unsecured dingy basement rack. His face isn't the least bit red. No real signs of strain.

    On the bench, he unracks 500 like it's nothing, never strains under the weight much, lonnng pause, non-grinder press. Doesn't appear to be much leg drive. Again, no red face. No real signs of strain.

    Same on the DL. That's an effortless 750.

    So basically, this guy is so strong that he can, on a whim and without the aid of anabolics, can knock out a 2k total like it ain't no thang. As a 242er. This isn't even believable as an 1800 total, so a 2k total is really an insult to my intelligence.

  13. Paul,

    What do you think of this style of rows?


    1. Oh those look solid. I like John Meadows a lot. That guy constantly has his thinking cap on about training.

    2. Paul,

      Tried those cambered bar rows last night did them Pendlay style and man are they effective and I am feeling it today.

  14. Paul, remember that guy back in the late 80's, early 90's, Issac "Dr. Size" Nesser? Used to send in his picture to PL USA showing how big his chest was by setting a glass of water on it doing a side chest pose (while sucking on the side of the glass to hold it up)? That guy used to claim he was the strongest of all time, all natural and would show up someday and claim all the records. This guy sounds like an internet warrior version of the old Dr. Size scam.