Monday, November 5, 2012

Thoughts about life, crap, training, and stuff - Post Vegas Edition

Vegas was amazing.  It always is to me, though.  I actually DID attend the classes from my conference.  I have enough integrity not to be wasteful with my company's money, and I actually did want to find out what new technologies I could bring back to work with me, and talk about implementing.

There were a ton of conferences in town and it became very obvious to me that if you wanted to work around attractive women, you most definitely want to work in the medical field.  There was a dermatology conference going on and there were more gorgeous women than you could shake a stick at.  On the contrary, I saw nary a decent looking woman in any of my classes.  I work in IT.  Go figure.

With that said here's a run down of the highlights from Vegas.  Of course you won't get them all.  I also adhere to the saying, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  And one of those nights most certainly applies here.

  • One of the hottest chics I've seen in a while came into the hotel gym while I was lifting there.  Her ass was beyond spectacular.  I don't see a lot of women that catch my eye, so just the mention of her should tell you how hot I thought she was.
  • The hotel gym was solid enough so that I was able to train and not constantly think "god damn, this place sucks."  100 pound bells, an actual bench with a bar, no squat rack but I didn't really expect one, nor was I going to squat this past week anyway.  
  • My diet this week was really strange.  I would eat breakfast after my first class, so around 10:30 a.m. and then I wouldn't eat again until later in the day.  Which was usually just a shake.  Then I'd have dinner at night around 7-8 and eat whatever I wanted.  This somehow ended up working out well enough so that I didn't get any fatter on vacation and some days I actually was a little tighter than usual. 
  • I hung out with the director for Hangover 3 until about 2 a.m. one night.  I didn't know who it was until the bar tender told me.  He had left by then.  Dammit!
  • Halloween in Vegas is amazing.  I will be going back next year during Halloween week for certain.  The weather is better, there aren't a bunch of snot nosed crying brats running around (why do people bring their kids to Vegas anyway?  It's an adult oriented town).  The entertainment is amazing, and you don't even need to step into a club to enjoy it.  There's plenty of shit running around the hotel.  Like....
    • Dudes in real transformers outfits.  I mean Bumblebee could actually break down into a car that ran.  That was amazing.  
    • A 12 foot tall Grim Reaper was in the clubs that week, or at least the two clubs I was in on those nights.  So was this 8 foot tall werewolf.  The best part about that was, they were both on the dance floor the whole time getting down.  
    • Upon seeing me in my tunic, I was attacked by 4 Asian women in the middle of the Casino.  They insisted on having their picture taken with me, both as a group and in one on one action.  Each of them proceeded to cop cheap feels on me and laugh in a very stereotypical Asian way about it.  I didn't complain though.  
    • I didn't see a single Bane the entire time, even though all three Halloween stores were sold out of that outfit.  I guess Batman beat his ass hard enough that he didn't feel like leaving the house on Halloween night.  
    • I hooked up with a couple that was also dressed up as Romans.  As we were standing in the middle of Caesars, a guy dressed as Jesus walked through and I yelled loudly "It's Jesus!!!  Kill em!"  Jesus then proceeded to run out of Caesars as fast as possible.  That was probably one of the funniest moments of my life.  

I start my "leg rehab" tonight, which will mainly consist of lots of leg extensions and front squats.  So my routine gets another revamping.  

Day 1 - 
Leg Ext - 6x20 to top set
Front Squats - 5x10
Calves - stairs

Day 2 - 
Db Incline/Db Bench - 2x8-15

Day 3 - 
Pendlay Rows - 6x8
Stiff Legs - 1x8-12
Leg Curls - 4x10 to top set

Day 4 - 
PBN - 6-8x8-12
Front Raises - 1x100
Side Laterals/Kirk Shrugs - 5x20

I will have an alternate deadlift day in there from time to time as well, where I pull a moderate single or triple from the floor, then a triple from blocks and then some reps.  I am also going to get back to actually working shoulders directly for a while.  Conditioning will be done 3-4 times a week.  My goal right now is to drop 15 pounds, down to around 236.  I'm about 251-252 right now, and this is the leanest I've ever been at this weight, so I am figuring that I will be awfully lean at 236 this time.  
I hate coming back to work from vacation.  Gotta be one of the most awful feelings there is.  Outside of a bullet to the chest, that is.  


  1. Replies
    1. Seem's like fun, Mrs Carter looking as lovely as ever.

      Lucky fella.

  2. Aren't the front squats what blew your legs out in the first place?

    Also, since you are my doctor: I have some serious pain in my vastus lateralis. It only pops up when foam rolling, when it's some of the most intense pain ever, and sometimes when stretching. It doesn't hurt at all when squatting. It's not DOMS - I took the past 10 days off. Is it going to explode soon?

    1. Nothing ever "blew out" my leg. It's inflammation.

      And yes, it will explode soon.

    2. I lol'd.

      I find that if I do zero front squatting, low bar pause squats aggravate my patellar tendon. i feel it when walking up/down stairs and when squatting.

      When I add in the fronts (done light before and after squatting), zero pain. Just thought you could add this to your anecdotal reserves.

  3. Paul,

    Just wondering if this 20 week cycle is a good idea for someone that has no want to compete but just be the biggest, strongest, and in shape me(father and husband) I can be.

    20 week cycle (lay-offs included)
    6 weeks Big-15
    1 week lay-off
    6 weeks Big-15 increased training max
    1 week lay-off
    5 weeks Strong-15 short cycle on the powerlifts/assistance still hypertrophy based
    1 week+ lay-off before starting another full 20 week cycle.


  4. Hey, you work as a Network Engineer or something high-level in IT, right? I'm just starting out, and all I can get with my crrently broke-dick resume is Phone Support at Local ISPs/Webhosts. Other than getting experience studying my ass off for certifications, what can I do to improve my employability ?