Friday, October 18, 2013

Base Building manual is completed

Be a few weeks for editing and such however I feel good about it.  Everything in this manual are principles I've used the last couple of years and had clients use to get all sorts of gainz.

I reduced some of the material because I felt like I was eventually inundating with too much info.  So I scaled it back.

110 pages or so, it looks like.  I will give a chapter breakdown soon.  


  1. Right on Mr. Carter.

    I will be buying a copy. Hopefully I will learn something new, but more important to me it allows for the opportunity to say thank you and support you with more than just comments on your blog.

    Not at all realistic, but I'd like to see you put out a LRD 365 diet. Every meal, everyday, for a entire year. Nothing fancy, just something to follow because....yes....I am that lazy.

    How about I pay you to write me a personal LRD 365 diet?......ok....I'm not rich...or THAT lazy, but if I hit the lotto I'll let you know.

    Glad to hear the base building is done, congrats and keep it up Paul, thanks again for all you do.

  2. I loved 365 - although I didn't end up following the program, I used many of the principles you described in it.

    I'm looking forward to this one.

    I've got a lengthy, boring diet question(s), that perhaps you could help me with:
    I listen to ironradio and there seems to be a recurring theme: "crash through barriers". By this, the iron radio guys mean that picking a goal weight and getting there ASAP is better than meticulously counting calories and planning small incremental weight gain (eg 1lbs a month).
    Do you think it's better to just put the blinders on sometimes? To eat a ton of food and just get to a goal rather than going super slow and trying to be careful?
    I often hear about how young, small guys should just quit over-analyzing and start eating some food... but where is the line? Should a 15 year old 150lbs guy be worrying (a lot) about their diet? A 20 year old 180lbs guy? A 25 year old 200lbs guy?

    1. You mean just eat as much as you can regardless of whether or not you turn into a fat tub of shit?

      Yeah I don't agree with that at all. I think that's Phil's way of doing things and I don't agree at all. All of the best lifters you see now pay pretty close attention to their diet, rather than stuffing their face with shit.

    2. Right on... I think I'll go with not being a fat tub of shit :)

  3. Looking forward to the book. I've got SLL and LRB 365 (which I'm currently following) and I'll pick this one up too. I'm a big fan of your stuff and I'll do my small part to contribute. The world needs more no bullshit guys like you and Wendler.