Monday, October 21, 2013

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Base Building Questions already coming?  

Base building is not "6-8 reps" or a certain "split".  It's a methodology.  Honestly so many guys are trying to ask me "is this base building?" and send me some fucking routine.  A a routine.

It's like showing me your mom and asking me if she's a prostitute.  I don't know.  I can't answer that based on you telling me she's your mom.

Base building, like any method, has routines.  It also uses rep ranges.  It also uses a variation of volume depending on what model you are using.

When the manual comes out it will make more sense, and I really think guys will understand how the BB method fits into their yearly training plan.

Movies, UFC, Football - 

I watched Pacific Rim over the weekend.  I felt like if Starship Troopers landed on Earth while Transformers were fighting in the Ocean this is the movie that would have been filmed.  With that said, I did like it.  It was a guilty pleasure type flick, very befitting of popcorn and a drank.  The girls and I had a fun time with it.

I caught the JDS/Cain rubber match and I have a few comments.....

Cain has unreal cardio, and in my opinion is the best fighter on the planet right now.  He'd walk through Jon Jones like he was a ghost if they fought.  Jones would never fight Cain.  Ever.  He knows he'd be exposed as a guy living in a weak weight class fighting small guys.

JDS is a fucking man.  I mean, how he survived rounds 3 and 4 are beyond me.  That dude has heart that cannot be measured.  With that said, I don't think he'll ever be able to match up against Cain without getting his shit pushed in over and over again.  It appears his one time beating of Cain was all about Cain being injured and in a bad spot mentally/emotionally.  Cain is just on a different level than everyone else right now.

Well Donkey fans, you lost.  And guess what?  You're not going to the SB either.  If you do, you won't win. Not only is history against you, but well....history is against you!

Manning is a playoff choker and has a history of it.  And record setting high-flying offenses don't win the Super Bowl.  Nothing will ever be sweeter than watching John Horse-Face Elway and the look of dejection every time the Donkeys lose a one and done playoff game.

I also said a while back that the teams that are playing their best right now, generally aren't the teams that will be playing their best at the end of the year when it counts.  You need to be hot in December, not September.  This proves to be the case every single season.

More on Relentless - 

I am beyond excited for this meet.  And by that I mean, it has changed my entire mental approach to competing.

For weeks training has been shit.  So I have not felt very good about going into World's and doing well.  Now as an experienced guy, I know this doesn't always mean anything.  I had a great training cycle going into Nationals and completely under performed

It's not uncommon for someone to have a great training cycle, and then to have a terrible meet.  In fact, I'd say I hear that more often than not.  It's also not uncommon for someone to have a shit training cycle, and blow things up at the meet.

However right now, to be honest, I really just care more about being there and being part of something special.  I am anxious to see these kids and connect with them and interact with them, and hear their stories.  To me, that far outweighs all of the shit I had been worried about, and I feel like it has helped me find my balance again.  Helped me to focus on the fact that it's all just lifting weights.  As important as we make it some times, it's JUST LIFTING WEIGHTS.

However, at Relentless, it's about lifting weights for a bigger purpose.  To raise money and bring more awareness to the disabilities these kids have, or illnesses they are dealing with.

The "What's your excuse?" Mommy - 

If you haven't seen this pic and article floating around the net, then you must be on a rock and not care abotu anything related to lifting weights, or fitness.

Basically, it's this hot as balls chic that has three kids.  One of which is only 8 months old.  She then attached the phrase of "what's your excuse?" in regards to the fat females who talk about "I still have my baby weight to lose" while her "baby" is graduating from medical school.

I had no idea that "fat shaming" was real.  Or that it was considered bullying.  I thought making fun of fat people or telling them they needed to lose weight was just entertainment at the expense of someone else's conscious choice to be a bigger burden to our medical system, and a hindrance to society in general?  It's not?  God dammit, wrong all this time!

You may find that last remark insensitive, and you can guess about how much I care about that.  Your obesity isn't your privacy anymore because now, it's become a severe strain on the medical industry.  With the abomination that is Obamacare I can't imagine the far reaching effects it will have on the rest of us eventually.

If you can be fat shamed, think about the choices you made to find yourself in that position.  You are only there via your own decisions, via your own accord.  You weren't captured behind enemy lines.  You didn't wake up one morning to find out you had a disease (a real one) that you had no control over contracting.  You made conscious choices along the way to put yourself in that position.  Now, someone else who asks you what your excuse is for being so fat is a bully?

Shame the fuck on you.

There are LOTS of fat people who woke up one morning and said "enough".  Then somehow, someway, they found the required intestinal fortitude to become something better.  They found the power to remove themselves from the aggrandizement and gratification of being told that being fat was not their fault, or that there was nothing wrong with it.  Oh and all they had to do was change what they ate in order to rid themselves of this "disease" and find their way out of the quagmire of emotional dissent.

We have become a nation of weakness and entitlement.  It's not my fault that I'm fat.  It's a disease.  People should pay for my kids, and my lifestyle.  Unintelligent women are held in esteem so long as they rock a nice set of tits and ass, and men are demonized for feeling as though they should act like a man and not be emasculated.

I've said this for a while, but eventually the pendulum will swing and society will be forced to right these wrongs.  "How" that happens I don't know.  When it happens, I can't say.  The fact that it WILL happen is something I am certain of.


  1. Regarding "What's Your Excuse".. and beyond..

    Thanks for just, saying what many of us believe.

    I for one, roll my eyes at the excuses, and well, I think many of us take personal responsibility for ourselves, our work, life, training, body.. whatever.. and don't take up the whole 'blame someone/something else' mantra.

    We are becoming the minority, and this whole fucking " hurt feelings " mindset is making us soft as all hell... as a society.

    Pathetic and Weak.

    It's weird at one level, you train 3,4-5+ days per week and your on steroids.. flip the coin and do nothing but shovel food down your gullet and you have bad genes or, well, your diseased.

    1. It's hilarious that people are getting all butthurt over this. The irony is that there are tons of Facebook posts where people are posting EXCUSES and calling them "reasons" for their fatness.

      You have bad genes? Fuck you. I've seen a video of a woman with ONE LEG deadlifting in competition. Lamar Grant had fucking scoliosis and he was a champ. How's that for "bad genes"?

      You're too busy to train? Fuck you. I know single mothers who work two jobs AND who find time to eat properly and train BECAUSE THEY MAKE IT A PRIORITY !

      You're too tired and stressed to train and eat right because you work AND have kids? Fuck you. You want tired and stressed? I know people in the armed forces who are deployed overseas who find ways to eat right and train. These are men and women who literally risk their lives on a daily basis, thousands of miles away from their families. Don't talk to me about stress because you work AND parent. If you live in the US (or Canada in my case) you are SPOILED.

      If you feel targetted (or "shamed") by the "What's your excuse?" meme, perhaps you have none. And you know it.

  2. Good post. I particularly enjoyed that last part. Can't wait for the manual to come out, eh.