Monday, October 7, 2013

Thoughts about life, crap, training, and stuff - Furlough edition

So I'm on day 5 of forced vacation.

I'm a government contractor and so of course, since the government is shut down I am not working.  I am not getting paid either, while the feds do.  Nevermind that where I work, the contractors do the great majority of the work.

I could whine and bitch, and I do a little because it's normal to be pissed off that you're sitting home out of work while a bunch of crooked politicians argue over shit that has little to do with your life at the moment.  Maybe it will down the road, I don't know.  But I know if I lose my house because this goes on for too long, then it certainly has effected me.

I does make me reconsider doing World's or not because traveling is expensive.  I am my own label, my own "brand".  I don't have a sponsor to pay for my hotel or room and board, etc.  I do powerlifting because I do enjoy it, however I don't compete much because it's not a cheap endeavor.

So obviously it fucks with my quality of life in that regard.  Mainly because I also love competing with my daughter.  If it were just myself, no biggie.  But I hate to take that away from her because of something I have no control of.

Hopefully this will get resolved soon and I can get back to work.

Let me also say that anyone who voted for Obama for a second term should lose their voting rights for fucking life.  You are mentally incompetent.

Training for worlds - 

My sub max work ended more than a week ago, and so I will actually add some weight to the bar now.  Feels good though, as my sets with 500 felt possibly the lightest they ever have.

The only problem now, outside of the fact that I may not go to worlds, is that there is a bug running through the house.  My youngest is at home with me.  Three kids in school is the kiss of death for staying healthy year around.

For those interested in my split, this is what I am doing.

Monday - Bench
Bench or Incline - programmed work
Tit Machine - 2x10-12
Triceps and Biceps

Wednesday - Squat and Pull
Squats - programmed work
Deads - programmed work
Leg Press - 3x10-20

Saturday - Back
Barbell Rows - 4x8
Hammer Pulldowns - 3x8
Hammer Shrugs - 5x10

That's generally it.  Basic, to the point.

I don't have a lot to write.  Sleep is in the shitter again and when that happens I tend to lose a bit of the "creative process" involved in writing.

Hope everyone is having a great Monday.


  1. That fucking sucks man, and all the while all the idiots can do is point the finger at each other. I swear none of them could hold down a real job, one that would hold them responsible for their incompetence, in the real world. I'm sorry for your troubles.

  2. At least they agreed to back pay for the time on furlough. Right? Or, did I not understand that.

    1. That's government employees only. Contractors get even more screwed.

  3. Long time lurker - Im a contractor as well, same situation as you. Hang in there!

  4. Paul I know you have gone through phases of high rep works for arms. Do you think with coupled with heavy pressing, high rep arms for beginners can help with arm size too ?

    1. I think what helps with arm size is just gaining weight. You have to get bigger overall to get bigger anything most of the time, unless it's a neglected bodypart.

  5. Paul, I can sympathize with you, I work for a sub-contractor for the DOE at a national lab. Rumors are floating around that we may get furloughed soon. Sucks all around.

  6. Don't forget to tune into the Walking Dead on Sunday

  7. R.E. avoiding illnesses from kids,eat a shit load of fresh garlic every day,i'm convinced it helps.I haven't been ill in years.I feel like David Dunn.

  8. Would you consider crowd funding your trip? I'm sure you have enough readers - I know I would contribute.

  9. Sorry to hear that paul. You are a great athlete that wrecks stuff while actually holding down a full time job. I hope you can continue on without the "government" shenanigans messing it up for you.

  10. Expedite Base Building book...
    Cash rolls in...
    Travel to meet...

    Best of luck, I live the contractor's shady lifestyle. Ain't so great at times like these.

  11. "Let me also say that anyone who voted for Obama for a second term should lose their voting rights for fucking life. You are mentally incompetent." Why? I know you're pissed, but there's no need for that kind of nonsense. You're usually a lot more thoughtful and reasonable.

    1. Because he was never qualified enough for the office in the first place, and second because he never earned the right to be voted back in the second time, i.e. WHAT THE FUCK DID HE DO?

      Funny enough, most of the things Romney talked about as coming to pass indeed HAVE. And I didn't vote for Romney (I supported Ron Paul). So we're in an economic crisis and the American people are so stupid they ignore a long time successful businessman that knows a shit ton about the economy, and vote back in a fucking dufus.

      Why? Either because he's black or because they hate conservatives, or because they are single issue voters. Essentially, anyone that voted for Obama for ANY of those issues, is a mental midget and should be eliminated from the voting population.

  12. Thanks for your reply. I think you are wrong, though. Insulting and doubting the intelligence of your opponents is a very negative approach to issues as complex as the ones the US is facing. The government shutdown seems to be almost solely the fault of the antagonistic and obstructionist wing of the Republicans - whose stated goal has been the destruction of this President's endeavors and legacy from day one. It was odd of you to blame him for it and not lay any at the feet of his opposition. There is plenty of blame to go around.
    FWIW I'm not American, but I do live here and follow politics very closely. Romney lost because he failed to reassure women that their hard-won rights would be protected, and because he dismissed and seemed uncaring to the working class. Also because he was put in an untenable position by his own party - that of having to vehemently criticize the ACA, which was modeled on his sole real achievement as Governor: Massachusetts health care. It made him seem petty, contradictory and opportunistic. Whereas Obama had passed the ACA (originally a Republican idea), drawn down engagement in our two main wars, and was perceived to have rescued the automobile industry along with arresting the economic spiral. Killing OBL and a whole bunch of terrorists, as well as assisting with Libya without getting drawn in were also appreciated by many.
    But, obviously this is your house and you can say what you want. I just thought it was a bit out of character for you to insult some of your readers like that. Although, I'm sure there are just as many left-leaning guys who are ragging on Conservative voters right now. I understand it's an emotive issue, and rationality is in short supply.
    Hope it all get sorted soon and you can get back to work.

    1. You don't have a split congress and senate if the President wasn't such a dividing asshole. There's a reason why there is so much disdain in those areas now. And it starts at the top, and with extreme versions of ideological political thinking.

      I appreciate your words. I hope I get back to work soon as well. I'm bored as fuck.

  13. Amen. Now if we could just get the politicians to talk to each other like this...
    And, thanks for all your hard work on this site. It's a really great resource.