Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pulling out of WPF Worlds......for bigger things

I have pulled out of WPF worlds because I became aware that they do not have a raw division. That means that my lifts essentially wouldn't count as being raw. Anywhere.

Travel is expensive and so is competing. If I am going to compete and put the effort forward I at least want my lifts to count.

Luckily for me, the timing of it worked out ok as I talked to Brandon Lilly and he asked me if I would be open to taking his spot at Relentless the same weekend I had planned on doing World's. Brandon has been under the weather and knew he wouldn't be able to show up at his best, so this really worked out for both of us.

I am beyond excited at this opportunity. I love what Relentless is all about and what it represents. I will only have a couple of weeks to help raise money for this charity. I hope everyone will help me out here and contribute. Even if it's $5, I will be beyond grateful.

Thanks in advance!



  1. Has anyone else reported problems trying to use the link? It doesn't seem to want to take me to the right page in PayPal.....=)