Friday, October 11, 2013

The training week of shit

I haven't posted any training updates for a week because they were literally all shit.  I mean 3, -10% sessions in a row.  IN A ROW.  And I don't mean just kinda -10%.......I mean dick knocked in the dirt -10%.

For example.....

I went in to do my back work on Saturday.

I generally have been doing 405x5, and trying to get more strict.  After that, I will do 3-4 sets of 8 with 365.

I barely managed a single with 365 on barbell rows last Saturday.

Tuesday I went in to bench.  I had planned on doing 2 sets of 3 with 405 paused.  405 for a single was brutal.

Tonight I was set to squat and pull.  I rested an extra day to get shit straight.  I had planned on a set of 5 with 550.  I did a double.  It was hard.  Not super hard, but harder than I expected.

I know I haven't gotten "weaker".  Last week I did 2 sets of 5 with 500 on squats that was so easy I was disappointed I didn't either do more sets or didn't do sets of 10.

I'm going to see how I feel over the next few sessions, but right now holding on to confidence is starting to be tough.  I write about these things A LOT, so here it is right in front of you.  405 on bench is generally a smoke show, 550 on squats is generally an over warm up, and barbell rows with 365 IS a warm up, or back off weight for working sets.

I did kind of feel a bit under the weather for the whole week, and I'm sure this added stress from the shutdown isn't helping.  However I take this shit personally, and have Worlds in three weeks.  Depending on how this next week goes, I will decide on whether I'm going.  Because I don't want to foot the money it will take to go compete if I'm not working again, AND training is in the shitter.


  1. Don't get down brother. Keep your head up! You are a tremendous lifter that inspires and educates others. Get a little extra sleep, some good meals, refocus and get back at it!

  2. How's your eating Paul? Sleeping? Anything else that could be getting to you? Hope you bounce back man would be nice to see you smash a meet.

  3. Sucks man. I had a horrendous training week as well, and I have a meet in 4 weeks. Just gotta push through it. Just gotta keep giving your best effort every session and hope it turns around in time for competition.

  4. Perhaps stress from the shutdown ?

  5. a big long dip means most of the time in my case a big supercompensation in strength. if you time that right its going to be great.

  6. Hi Paul sorry your week didn't bring up your confidence but I've got an unrelated question for you: I saw a video of Jamie Lewis being red-lighted for his deadlift at his deadlift-only meet for not following the rules on how to deadlift unless they were the rules in Power to the People. To me that's total bullshit because Jamie is totally jacked and stuff and not a pussy and listens to hardcore, so I think the judges should have given him the lift. What's your opinion?

    1. It wasn't bullshit. A lot of well respected powerlifters weighed in on that and we all agreed. You can't slam the weight down like that. I told Jamie that. He should have known better. Not to mention, it looks retarded IMO. Why are you slamming the weight down? Just set it down under control.

  7. Paul,
    I would love to send you a write of my last meet where I used your Strong-15 cycle with great success. Do you have an e-mail I could send it to? Thanks.