Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Deadlift Training Tonight

Tonight I will pull and do deadlift assistance work.  Expect to see more than just my usual deadlift/chin type routine.  This is because with my bicep still only 3 months out from surgery I will pull light and do a lot of upper back/hamstring/trap work to make up for it.  So more than likely my routine is going to look something like this...

Deadlifts - singles @ 65%
Stiff Legs - 2x5
T-bar Rows - 2x8
V-Bar Chins - 2x8-10
Db. Shrugs - 2x20

After 4 or 5 weeks I think my confidence in my arm will be better and I will drop everything but the stiff legs and chins more than likely.  Don't expect to see anything impressive poundage wise (not that you would ever see anything impressive out of my pulling anyway, but I digress...).


  1. How are you planning to progress with your singles training? Curious because single pulls are my thing.

  2. Using the old school WSB template. I'll link it up later when I get a chance.