Friday, October 29, 2010

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I hate these animal people who contradict themselves in these f'n animal documentaries.  

"The shark has evolved over eleventy billion years to be the finest, most precise, perfect killing machine ever....."

37 minutes later after talking about how sharks have eaten people......

".....sometimes the shark mistakes the person as a seal, or other prey and accidentally eats them...."

NO!  This is bullshit.  Look, you can't have it both ways.  Either the shark is a perfect killing machine or a dufus killing machine that just eats everything.  The shark doesn't mistake shit.  He sees something he wants to eat on, and goes after it.  If it's tasty, well that's a bonus.  If it's an easy kill AND tasty, double bonus.  

Same for lions, crocs, and bears and shit.  Look they eat people because people taste good and they are an easy kill.  Humans are not apex predators.  Do not think because we can make tools that kill that we belong up there with those animals.  In their environment with just our body, we suck.  We can't fight off anything.  A damn house cat can tear us a new ass and have fought off burglars.  Small dogs can kill us.  We have ZERO chance in a hand to mouth/hand/paw whatever against some REAL apex predator in their environment.  The gun/spear/bow argument is bullshit.  You don't walk out into the African plains and see Rhino's making weapons.  They ARE the weapon.  We aren't shit.  People constantly overestimate their ability.  Animals eat us because we are a tasty snack, not because they are confused.

Speaking of easy kills and apex predators, I saw the latest Predator flick last weekend.  I liked it.  It is what it is right?  A flick about Predators vs People.  Seems straight forward enough.  I don't need top notch acting and some kind of bizarre twist storyline to enjoy this shit.  Adrian Brody's character actually was an intelligent guy who said everything you say while watching from home.  

"Don't go out there." 

"Leave that guy behind, we can't help him." 

I liked it.  The ending was setup perfect a second parter that I will probably like just as well.  Predator movies are a guilty pleasure for me.  

Seems like I can't ever get too far into a good training cycle without getting some kind of cold/sinus issue that derails me.  I wonder if I need to heavily supplement my diet with more antioxidants?  Seems like it wouldn't hurt at the least and could keep me a little more healthy at the most.  I am going to pick up some Emergen-C tonight and start it up.

Is there really anything worse than a brown noser at work?  Like a guy that stays stuck so far up our bosses ass if my boss took ex-lax he would get the shits too.  I'd rather stay a grunt, than move up some ladder because I kept my lips permanently affixed to some ass clowns butt cheeks.  Where I work is almost like that show Survivor sometimes.  Someone will tell you they are your buddy, only to vote you off the island.  

Don't you sometimes wish we had some of the shit you see in movies happen in real life?  Like King Kong.  You could just be working one day, look at the building and see some giant ape walking up the side of the building, holding some hot babe.  This seems like it would be a fairly entertaining break in the day.  

Diets have gotten stupid. 

Man I almost had a mangasm watching Cain Velásquez just freaking destroy that piece of garbage-cries like a bitch when he gets hit overrated Brock Lesnar.  I wonder if the same shit talkers show up for this post that showed up after the Carwin fight?  A fight that also should have been stopped by the ref.  Oh well, Lesnar's days as champ are over.  The guy has horrible stand up and doesn't like getting hit.  That's kind of a bad combination you know, for a mixed martial artist.  

I think my overall goals will be changing for the permanent very soon.   Every year that passes I care less and less about what size I am and care more about how good a shape I am in, and how my conditioning is.  Personally, I think if you are in AWESOME shape and can rock out a 600 squat, 400 bench, and 600 dead any day of the week raw, that is top shelf shit.  And by awesome shape, I mean you can GO.  Run hills all day, fight, bang it out for hours at a time, whatever.  I think this is going to be my sustainable goal.  In other words, put conditioning at the top of my list, but keep my lifts in that 6/4/6 range at all times.  This would be more like a long term goal that becomes something sustainable.  There are some variables to go through to make all of this work.  

I recruiter about a job called me today, then sent me an e-mail asking if I had any questions for her.  So I sent this........

Ok questions........

If a shark is really a perfect apex predator, then why do shark experts tell us they eat people "by mistake"?  Either he's perfect, or he makes mistakes.  Which one is it?

Why do Canadian Geese fly south for the winter to escape the cold, yet it's sometimes colder in the winter in the midwest where they fly to, than in Canada?

Did you know you can't eat 6 saltine crackers in 1 minute?  I dare you to try.  You will fail.  You can't drink.  Just eat them.  

Is this job my paycheck only or is this as a fulltime grunt?  I ask because I need health insurance for my rugrats and ball-and-chain.  And how much does that generally run per pay period?  

Speaking of pay periods, is it every week or every two?  

How much vacation and sick time do I get?  Generally I ask for a around 2000 hours of vacation time annually.  But we can negotiate.  

What is the dress code like at this place?  Is it shorts and wife beater or something less formal?  

A bonus to start would be appreciated if all goes well.  Anything under 1 million seems acceptable.  But I would like something in order to jump start getting a pad and such.  Again, negotiable.  

I need all of these questions answered! 

Men might have trouble saying "I love you" but women can't say "I'm sorry."  A woman would rather be duct taped and have a bat shoved up her butt and lit on fire than say I'm sorry.  I had a woman accuse me of lying to her a week ago.  When she went to another source and found out it was truthful, rather than come back and apologize to me, she just refused to speak with me.  This kind of behavior doesn't make any sense at all.  It's not like I was going to rub it in her face.  A simply "Hey my bad" is all I was asking for.  We all make mistakes and being able to say "I'm sorry" shows you have character and integrity.  Don't be a first class asshole and refuse to tell people you have wrong that you are sorry for it.  

It's been a week now since I put Dozer down and it still hurts pretty much the same.  I miss my buddy everyday and still do things that make me think he's still here.  If I go out for conditioning and come home I hesitate to knock on the door because he would always bark so viciously when someone knocked on the door.  I still tell the kids to "let Dozer inside" if I hear Buster scratching at the back door, wanting in.  I look for him to be looking for me through the front glass door when I pull up in the afternoons.  When I go downstairs into the office I keep waiting to hear him come down the stairs to sit at my feet.  I am thankful for the 10 years of awesomeness that Dozer gave me, but I don't love the heartache that comes with loving something you have lost so much.  

Quote of the week - "Never lie to someone you trust and never trust someone who lies to you."  

Hottie of the week - Ava Cowan

Thank God it's Friday!!!!!!!  Everyone be safe and have a great weekend!!!!!!


  1. My condolences for Dozer man. The pain never goes away, but you can give him an eternal place in your heart just for that reason.

    Quote came from Dexter?

    Remember that black-haired chick picture ...?

  2. If I had something to give away for free you'd win it Ber! Yup, I'm a big Dexter fan.

    Black haired chic homie......

    :) Enjoy.

  3. Haha could u let us know what the recruiter says for those questions?!

  4. She answered back with a lot of LOL's and answered all of the real questions then finished by saying "I'm not sure about the sharks and geese..."

  5. Dexter is absolutely awesome, though I do find this season has not gotten up to speed yet.
    I do think this will be Quinn's last season and he will go the way of Sergeant Doakes ... and we have already met his eventual killer in the last episode.

    Your wife looks great man, you're a lucky guy.

    Actually I was talking about the black-haired chick in the gym but this will do ... for now ;-)

  6. I have found that some of the seasons take a few episodes to get going.

    I think they have big plans for RoboCop now that he has been introduced. I am hoping they work a way in with Styles so that she works with Dexter and for maybe even a couple of seasons. The thing with Rita was that Dex was always having to lie to her, and he hated that. This obviously presents a solution to that problem if they hit it off.

  7. The conditioning stuff is a good point. I have been doing this now for ove 3 months. It is a fairly simple concept: what good is all that strength and size if you gas out in 30 seconds? It is good for nothing but SHOW and the hopes that the show scares potential problems away. Much like a Peacocks feathers...

    I have slightly less impressive goals then you, I just want to maintain a 500+ squat, 600+ deadlift, and due to my giant bone spurs and cortisone shoulders, a 300 bench. If I can do that, and keep pushing my conditioning up in the process, I will be happy.

    I will have an article and 4 vids coming out on strength cardio soon on I do some of my sample "strength" cardio drills that if you arent doing, you might like. Good stuff that jacks your heart rate into the stratsophere.

    Missed the Lesnar fight, but if he is sandbagging his training, he diserves to lose...

    And fuck sharks. I keep my ass out of the ocean because if we were supposed to be there, we would have GILLS.

  8. HAH! Great fucking post Rick.

    That's my point about strength being functional and a dead horse that stink beard (wendler) and I beat a lot. Who cares if you can bench 600 or squat 800 if that is ALL you can do? If there is no transfer over to everyday like because you're a fat slob and gas yourself out walking up stairs, what good does it really do you?