Sunday, October 3, 2010

Meet Training Starts This Week

Well starting Tuesday night I will begin training for the UPA meet in December.  It looks like I will have a training partner for this one so I will see how that goes.  Second, my deadlift training will be tricky because I still don't have a lot of confidence in my bicep so I decided to run the old WSB periodization scheme.  I just don't feel mentally ready to start pulling 550+ off the floor right now.

The good news is  I feel rested and my joints feel good.  I would like to hit 1700+ raw at this meet, but truthfully I just need to show up healthy and get it done.  The last several meets I have planned things have not gone well so I am going to play it conservative for the first few weeks and then push things a bit as I start to feel more confident.

So worse case scenario I know I SHOULD be good for 600/405/600 and best case something like 635/435/640.  So my goal will be to hit the 1605 on my second attempts and then have a shot at the 1700+ on my thirds.

So off we go.......


  1. Good luck! What is the old WSB periodization scheme?

    I presume 635/435/640 will be without wraps/belts etc? Nonetheless.. that will be very impressive, especially if it's without any support!

  2. Good luck man-hope you hit 1700. Which association are you lifting in???

  3. The UPA is the fed.

    Yes that's no belt/no wraps.

    The old school WSB periodization is actually a good program for raw guys. For the deadlift it involves doing singles in the deadlift based on Prilepin's principles of volume vs load.

    I may have to adjust that based on how my arm comes along but either way it looks like my best course of action right now.

  4. Best of luck.


  5. Paul, would you mind writing about how you use Prilepin's table sometime?

    It is supposed to be self-explanatory, but I've never understood how to train effectively while using it.

  6. Here you go.

    Basically you use a certain % of your 1RM for a certain number of total reps. That's pretty much it.