Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Training - Deadlift

Weight - 245 pounds

Deadlifts - stiff legs to warm up - bar x 40, 135 x 10
Deads - 225 x 5, 315 x 3, 405 x 1, 455 x 1, 500 x 1, 515 x 1, 500 x 3,3

All of these were smoked.  Super fast, super light.  I am confident in my bicep again.  Thanks to Matt Kroc for the words about it this week.  Mentally that gave me a boost.

Block Deads (below the knee) - 500x10 (straps, double overhand)

Shrugs - 315x30, 405x10, 315x30

Pulldowns - stack + 15 x 14

Cybex Row - stack x 10

Notes - Great session.


  1. Awesome news about the arm Paul. I've had colds that have taken longer to recover from. Great news.

  2. Thanks Bigs. I'm def good for over an 600 right now so I really didn't lose a lot of strength. I could very well end up hitting the 640 or 650 I was looking for back in August.

  3. Paul, another good article, I always look forward to these. I've started "ladders" on my squat (for a change of pace) and pause squats both at your recommendation - both seem pretty good, so thanks.
    I dont know if you'll answer this but what adjustments would you make for someone who chooses not to use PEDs ?

  4. Phil,
    I think there are a lot of misconceptions about that. That guys who are on can train super long or super often because of increased recovery ability because of it, but it's not really so for everyone.

    Lots of guys feel like shit while on certain PED's and don't/can't train for long because of a variety of reasons. Lack of sleep, low back pumps, bloat, high BP, etc all make training actually more difficult than easier. Especially when you eating a lot of of food, clean or not.

    The main thing to come to terms with is not how much training you need to improve, but how little. It's always best to leave something in the tank than draw from a reserve. Recovery time is of primary importance whether you are natural or not. I don't really have training philosophies that cater to drug users vs natural guys, because I think there are general rules that both guys can follow, then mold to fir their own recovery ability.

    If you're getting stronger every week, something is working. If you aren't meeting your goals, then you have to reevaluate, natural or not.

  5. Thanks for the reply. Certain individuals react better to some things I guess - I have a IFBB pro acquaintance that says ,privately, he got more size and strength from 1st gen creatine tablets than from PEDs - and he has nothing to gain from "selling" creatine if you catch my drift. There are many things that can effect performance, if you're doing them all then I guess you'll be unluckly not to progress.

  6. Sounds like your friend is still blowing smoke up your butt. More than likely he saw some new gains after he added creatine into his arsenal however comparing creatine to anabolics is like comparing a hog dog to a sirloin.