Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vitamin C vs all things that are evil

Since this has been a hot topic in another post...........comment bitches...........


  1. A guy in New Zealand was in a coma from swine flu, they were going to pull the plug on him but his family first insisted that they administer high dose vitamin c. They had two days to try it and then they would pull the plug. He came out of a coma in two days and made a full recovery. coincidence...I think not. Check out the for info on vitamin C.

  2. This is awesome.

    I read about the story from National Geographic where a small village in Africa was about to be fire bombed because of an outbreak of Mutaba. A peace corps volunteer pleaded with the military to led her have two days to overdose everyone on Vitamin C as a last resort. She cured everyone of the mutaba in those two days.

    The village still got firebombed. Damn warlords.

  3. So this is totally not related to vitamin C at all. (even though I do believe in fasting and eating like 3 bags of oranges while I have the flu)

    But I am coming to an end of my Madcow 5x5 cycle. I am a Raw Powerlifter in the 242 Junior division. Do I start up another Madcow cycle or do you suggest maybe some conditioning work or hypertrophy stuff? My current 1rm are. 380 Squat, 230 Bench, 415 Dead. I kind of want to change up the pace but I have no idea how to modify my training for hypertrophy. Thanks.


  4. MadCow is just fine for hypertrophy. You just need to up the calories man.

  5. Well.. as with all vitamins, and literally hundreds of studies haven proven this:

    A deficit of a certain vitamin, causes problems/diseases/hormonal disbalances.

    A deficit of Vitamin B (i believe B12) is common with alcoholist, and causes Korsakov, a form of dementia. It's not the alcohol, it's the lack of proper nutrients that causes the brain to disfunction.

    Sailors in the 17th century that undertook sea travels of several months, got the worst diseases, all because of a deficit of vitamin C.

    These are just examples, but it boils down to this: a deficit of certain vitamins and minerals makes you sick.

    However, this is where most people fuck up.

    If a deficit makes you sick, then a surplus must be good for me.

    That is a mistake many people make, and this is the trick that is being used to sell you all sort of "healthy" food.

    There is not much prove, and just a whole lot of "stories" like the coma-patient-story above, and not a lot of hard science to confirm that a surplus of vitamins make your body function better.

    Pubmed and other sources can provide dozens of links to studies to prove this.

    So, can vitamins cure shit? Sure, if there is a deficit, and the problems are caused by this, it can.

    Almost everybody has recurring deficits of certain vitamins, and most people don't even notice this.

    Bloodwork can show lots of deficits, especially certain minerals. Supplementation with specific vitamins in the right doses can help your body to perform better, and cure certain minor problems.

    I have had sleeping problems. I also have a recurring zinc deficit. So I take ZMA 3 weeks long, take a week off, and restart, and I sleep like a baby.

    I eat low carb, and don't eat bread, so I lack certain B-vitamins. So I take vitamin B everyday.

    I don't eat fruit, so I take vitamin C once a week, just to make sure I don't get a deficit. (btw it takes about 6 months of really bad nutrition to get a deficit in vitamin C.)

    I also take a multivitamin once or twice a week, also to make sure I don't get any deficits.

    Eat a shitload of meat/eggs/chicken/pork, eat vegetables every meal, take some extra fibers, make sure your carbs come from things like grains, starches.

    You should be fine, and have not a lot of deficits, but it pays to experiment with vitamins. Minerals can easily be obtained from vegetables and meat.

    This turned out to be quite a long post, but I wanted to share my 2 cents.

    Train hard, eat smart.

    Mark From Holland

  6. I think the swine flu is a bunch of shit as well. The government warned of this and that, wanted everyone vacinated, and now look, you dont even hear about that shit anymore. Just another way for the government to fill us with fear and get us all to trust what ever it is they want to inject into us!!! My wife was preggo with our twins then and her doctor pleaded with her to get the swine flu vaccine. We demanded proof that it would not effect our unborn sons and they could not provide it. So, she did not get the vaccine. Guess what...she didnt get the fucking swine flu either! Imagine that!

    I had a lung infection last year that my kid brought home from school. I was sick for 2 months and ended up on steriods, breathing treatments, Zpack, and some sort of perscription cough pills before I could beat it. My brother-in-law had it for 4 months. Come to find out, tons of doctors were misdiagnosing people with this lung infection...telling them they had the fucking swine flu!!!

    I take fish oils, multi, calcium, vit C, Super B, and CoQ10. I take all of these 2-3 times a day. Yes, I still get colds, but they are minor and I miss no work. My blood work is excellent, and my blood pressure is good.

    On a similar note, I just read in Readers Digest that the cold symptoms you get are actually your immune systems response to the virus, and people who seem like they are sick all the time actually just have a great immune system that is constantly fighting stuff off...just an FYI.

    Just a random rant. I just did 20-40+ yard hill sprints in 26 minutes and I am a bit delirious...

  7. I drink 1 liter of lemon juice a day, should be enuff Vit. C I guess!?

  8. Nice rant Rick. I give it a 9.6 with a proper dismount.

    BlackFlagg - It would be more impressive if you were drinking that straight not mixed in water.

  9. I thought I posted a very big post here last night.. am I still waiting for confirmation?


    Mark from holland

  10. oh crap.. that's too bad.

    Well here is the short version.

    A deficit of certain vitamins and minerals causes problems/diseases/hormonal disbalances/minor health issues.

    The common mistake people make is this:

    "oh a deficit makes me sick, so let's take a surplus, that'll make me function even better".

    There are a lot of studies done on this subject, and except for vitamin D, if I remember correctly, there is no proof, that taking a surplus of vitamins has a positive effect on the body.

    However, a lot of people have deficits they don't even know, and barely notice. I always had sleeping problems, and always figured it was because of all the coffee I drank, but since I take zinc tablets, I sleep like a baby, and wake up very relaxed. Apperently I had a deficit, and that deficit is recurring.

    Experimenting with certain vitamins, will have so very cool effect, but taking ultra high doses of vitamin C or multivitamins is useless. Vitamin C is one of only a few vitamins that isn't stored by the liver, but you can go on for a couple of months, before you can notice clear health issues related to vitamin C deficits.

    I have looked up quite a few studies, and there is no proof whatsoever that taking a surplus of vitamins makes your body perform better. A serious deficit however can fuck you up pretty bad.

    If you eat a lot of things that once had a life, like chicken, pork, lamb, fish etc, eat a shitload of vegetables, some fruit, some grain, some carbs, get enough sunlight, keep your conditioning level up, drink a lot of water, don't smoke/do drugs/drink too much alcohol, you should be fine, and there really shouldn't be a big deficit in any area.

    However, heavy weightlifting does take it's toll on our bodies, so experimenting with a few specific vitamins can't be a bad thing. try some stuff, see what happens, if nothing happens, dismiss. Just don't spend all your money on ultra high doses of multivitamins, or any supplement for that matter.

    Vitamins are just a very tiny part of the big experiment called weightlifting. You have to figure out what your body needs, and what is useless. Same for programs, diets, exercises etc. Keep what works, throw out what doesn't.

    Train hard, eat smart.

    PS. can you imagine my original post was even longer?


    Mark From Holland

  11. Always like a big post.

    Women say that too sometimes.

    Thanks Mark.

  12. you're welcome. I apologise for the typos I see now. I should have pre-read it lol. And english isn't my main language..


  13. No offence Rick, but some of wht you said was fucking retarded. Yes, swine flu was overplayed, but they erred on the side of caution because the influenza virus had mutated in such a form that they didn't really know it's effect. Patterns in history have shown that flu pandemics occur every 70 years or so. It has been around 70 years since the lsat one, blame them for taking caution?

    Getting ill lots means you have a good immune system? Yes, you get symptoms when your immune system is working, ie-fever, rigors, temperature etc. It's more complicated than one cares to explain.

  14. No offense Anonymous, but your what you said was fucking bullshit.

    That was a terrible way to start this comment, but I figured I would copy you, Mr. Anonymous Joe.

    At any rate, if you are scared of the flu, then maybe you should grow a set of balls and stop being a puss. Fucking heart disease killed 616,000 people in 2007. Strokes? 136,000. Cancer? 563,000. Flu? A SMALL 53,000.

    Instead of preaching about a flu vaccine, how about you preach about a "big mac" or "quarter pounder with cheese" vaccine.

    Accidents killed 124,000. I guess we a need an accident vaccine too??

    I will keep eating right, lifting, and running hills, that is my "big mac" vaccine. You can keep sticking shit in your body that the government says is ok...

    "Smite the shepherd...and the sheep will be scattered..."

  15. Rick, i am a clinical medical student. I have spent time on both vascular and respiratory wards so far, so i am more than aware of the effects of bad eating, smoking and physical inactivity and how they are linked to cardiovascular disease and CVA.
    I am not preaching about a flu vaccine, i am just trying to explain how you misunderstood the flu.
    I also eat right, lift and condition.

  16. Hey guys,

    Inspiring lifting, I'm amazed. Have to comment about the vaccine. The swine flu may have been underwhelming in impact...please don't forgoe your vaccine's, though.

    Chance is a major factor in life as with little reflection you know, and it may be nothing next year and for the next 60 years...but for the cost of 15 bucks get your damn flu shot or you risk the whatever chance of living the year of pandemic flu and needless death.

    It's not balls or puss or anything...just common sense. Damnable ignorance and you are a leech off of society if you don't get vaccines.

    -Michael Burke

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