Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thoughts about life, crap, training and stuff....

I started the new template, and I cannot stop eating.  I refuse to starve myself when training everyday so it's looked something like this..........

Breakfast - 6 egg whites and 3 turkey sausage

Snack - 2 scoops of Dymatize

Lunch - 2 turkey burgers and 1 jar of sweet potatoes

Snack - 2 scoops of Dymatize or a smoothie

Meal - When I get home.....2 breakfast burritos with 6 total egg whites, cheese, and a slice of bacon on each

- Train -

Meal - usually a lean meat with veggies

Snack - Shake with a banana and peanut butter

For me, this is a LOT of food.  I am used to getting by on two meals and a few shakes.  I haven't listed it, but I was as heavy as 251 at one point.  This is with conditioning almost every day and training as well.  Right now, I can't seem to get enough sleep.  I fell asleep in my chair yesterday at work for about 10 minutes.  That's a first in 15 years.

I already dialed it back today.  Usual breakfast, a bar, a salad.  Will have a shake this afternoon then just dinner.

The new training manual is already at 120 pages and not sure where it's going to end, but I kind of have a feeling it's at about 75% or so.  I am shooting to get it finished in the next 6 weeks.

Ok now for movies mah fuckas!!!

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo -

I liked this movie quite a bit.  For some reason I also found Lisbeth really sexy and wanted to bang her like Daniel Craig was.  I don't know if she was supposed to be sexy, but I most definitely liked her and wanted to hit it.

The thing I did not like was, the pace at the end.  Spoilers below.....

So I really liked Daniel Craig's character.  He seemed like a guy with real integrity and some character.  So it seemed odd to me at the end, where he just kinda went back to the friends with benefits situation with Robin Wright (who looked like Skelator btw), and cast Lisbeth aside that easy.  However the real problem was that they didn't accurately portray the timeline there.  See, she was gone for 4-5 months according to the book or the European version.  In this version it seemed like a fucking week.  So it didn't add up to me.  After I found that out, it made more sense.  Also, in the European version of the film, he kept waiting on her to return, but eventually he moved on.  This makes more sense with his character to me.

Immortals -

My wife loved this movie for some reason, and I just thought it was ok.  The cartoonish feel kept me from getting engaged I think.  It wasn't a bad flick, but I think the IMDB rating of 6.6 or whatever, felt about right.  His speech at the end to rally the troops was also lame, and I didn't think was set up very well.  They go from running like Usain Bolt to get away to willing to run back into the fire in a matter of about 2 minutes because ol boy threw a few choice words at them.  Not buying it.  Worth a watch if you are bored but don't expect much.  The fight scenes early were good, I thought.  Oh and Freida Pinto is stupid hot.  I would totally bang her, even if she were full of deadly STD's.

Game of Thrones is back on as well.  This show is moving up as one of my faves of all time, I think. Dexter is starting to lose a bit of its luster because shit is starting to become a bit too "loose" for me.  In the first few seasons Dexter had Doakes after him the whole time.  Doakes knew that Dexter had shit below the surface.  Why?  Because he was a god damn detective.  It's funny that a whole room of detectives have no sense of Dexter not being 100% on the up and up.  Doakes being Dexter's adversary kept shit interesting.  I will say, with them opening up Deb now knowing, should make things interesting.  That's her brother, that she's also subconsciously in love with, who has saved her life many times, and he's a serial killer.  A good twist would be for Deb to work with Dexter to make shit happen.  But that she make a deal with him, that certain killers he help bring to justice to help her, and then they decide on what killers he can take out.  I should have been given a job at HBO god dammit.

Since my pec minor is acting up and my elbows are ok, my guess is I'll be going after some of those overhead pressing goals I have.  Here they are, give or take.

Clean and Press - 315 x 1 - If I could clean 300 I could press it right now.  So obviously I need to get better at cleans.  225x20.
Seated Db Press - 120's x 20  - I did the 100's last night for 20 after incline and rows.
Seated Press Behind the Neck - 250x10  I don't like going too low on reps for these.

I have no idea how any of these would correlate with each other.  It's just some things I want to hit.  I don't like push presses and I think jumping under the bar and calling it "putting weight overhead" is fucking gay as shit.  Pressing is putting weight over your head.  Jumping under it is something else.

I am picking conditioning back up quite a bit.  40 sprints 2 of the last 3 days.  Feeling better.


  1. hey paul, your breakfast sounds kinda small - do you not like eating much in the mornings?

    also, before youve talked about doing less conditioning when you're lifting more and vice versa. is the idea with your current setup that you can do both, as long as only two "big" lifting sessions per week?

    interesting stuff as always, cant wait for the book, the last ebook was well worth ten dollars or however much it was!

    1. I'm generally not that hungry in the morning because I drink a lot of coffee. So I just eat according to nutrients really. And I have found I don't do well with carbs in the morning.

      And yes, generally when I do more conditioning I drop lifting to twice a week, however what I've found is I can throw in some small stuff here and there, and it has virtually no impact in a negative way, but does bear some positive benefits.

      And thanks for your support bud!

  2. Waiting on the book..Love supporting guys who are no nonsense

  3. Amped for that manual

  4. It's coming guys. Again, I'm trying to pour as much as I can into this thing. Should be worth the wait.

  5. Do you have a set distance that you sprint, or is it time based?

  6. Any plans for standing PBN PRs, or are you just sticking to seated?

    1. Yes I will be doing some standing as well, but since I haven't done those in forever I have no idea where I'm even at with em.

  7. Just did the first day of the UB/WCS Rep Strength block. I usually start programs with Pressing, and do Squats later in the week, but I decided to start with Squats this time to make sure I was fresh. Glad I did. High Rep Back Squats: No Joke.

  8. I am a big fan of all overhead work, strict, push press and jerks!

    I think it's a bit unfair to call push presses and jerks gay when you wrap your elbows to strict press and rack the bar about 6 inches off your shoulder

    1. Putting weights overhead is NOT the same as jumping under weights. That's not overhead work. That's jumping under weights.

      Push presses I just don't care for.

      I've benched more without elbow wraps than with, so that's out. And I'm not sure what you mean about 6 inches off my shoulder. When I clean the bar, that's where it sits. Sounds like you have a case of the sandy vag.

    2. Where the bar sits before you press/jerk a bar overhead is the rack position. The best position is on your chest, if it is not on the chest, this is due to wearing elbow sleeves/wraps or poor flexibility or both.

      No sandy vag here, i am the one who expressed my opinion in a polite manner without insulting you (i was pointing out facts, not insulting you).

      I don't understand how wearing a belt is not raw, but elbow wraps is?

    3. If you had taken out 4 minutes to read through my blog you'd know that......

      I deal with a lot of elbow pain, and have gone without my elbow wraps for long periods because I don't like wearing them, however if I do not, my elbow tendonitis brings any pressing to a halt.

      Second, who the fuck calls overhead pressing raw? I also don't have a problem with belts (moreso knee wraps) when it comes to being called "raw". Overhead pressing tends to fuck my elbows up worse than any other kind of pressing, which I have written about extensively. If you had read through my blog a few times, you'd know this.

      We can agree to disagree on our opinions. I don't like push presses and jumping under a fucking weight is not "putting it overhead" to me.

      Last, if it's so easy to do it the way I do it, then you do it and video tape it and show me.

    4. And by doing it, I mean pressing 225 overhead for 10 easily the way I did it.

    5. I don't remember where I said that I could do 225x10 or where I said it was so fucking easy?!

      Are you trying to tell me that pressing though a shorter range of motion is not easier? Elbow sleeves and wraps do make it easier, they provide support and assistance to the joint performing extension

    6. Maybe you missed the part where I wrote that I've pressed more WITHOUT them, than with them. Let that sink in for a while.

      I wear them because when I don't, my elbows get too beat up to train. I literally get nothing from them in terms of "extra" pounds on the bar. I know this, because I've pressed more without them MANY times than with them. Again, let that sink in for a while. When my elbows are not hurting, I press the same weight/sets/reps, etc.

      Maybe you shouldn't open up a comment like this......"I think it's a bit unfair to call push presses and jerks gay when you wrap your elbows to strict press and rack the bar about 6 inches off your shoulder"......without expecting some flack back about it?

      My 275 triple on standing strict presses was without elbow wraps, back before my elbows took on old mans disease.

      I'm still trying to figure out what it is you're butthurt about? Oh because I don't like push presses and don't think jerks are "putting weight overhead". Sorry, my opinion. It aint changing.

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