Saturday, April 7, 2012

Training - Big Workout #2 - Lower Body #1

Bodyweight - 240

Standing Calf -
stack x 3 sets of 12

Rack pulls below the knee -
225x3, 3
705x1 <- PR

Deadlifts - 500x3,3
Glute Bridges in Smith - 225x4sets of 20
Lunges - 3 sets of 20 bodyweight only

Notes - Fuck, just missed 725 from below the knee.  This would have been a massive PR.  It came off the pins, and usually for me when something comes off the pins I got it.  But it stalled out in the transition from the knee to lockout.  Oh well, felt good to pull over 700 from this position.


  1. hey paul can u post a video of the glute bridges in the smith if u ever get a chance.. i did them for a month without the smith but stopped cause i changed gyms and couldnt find a corridor to prevent me from slippin away from the bar.'

    the glute bridges from the smith sound great

  2. So you consider deadlifts and its variations to be more lower body? Interesting.

    1. The deadlift can really fall into either. Since it taxes everything from the glutes and hams to lumbars and traps.

  3. where was the 50% set?!

    1. There wasn't one for this day for many reasons.

  4. Hey Paul, new to the blog, want to ask you what do you think about strength in kick boxing. I am competing at the 82.5 kg weight class (~180 pounds) and i am about 5.9 in height. Recently i decided i should get a little bit stronger since many of my mates in the gym started training with weights and reported good results.

    For my weight, what REALISTIC goals should i set in the major lifts? Something along the lines of 300-400-500? More/less? Considering i have to be in my weight class also.

    Thank you.

    1. Your eating will play the biggest part in keeping you in your weight class.

      As far as lifting goes, when I was fighting and training in martial arts the most I scaled it back to twice a week, and kept all of my big stuff to singles and triples for the most part, and probably didn't go above 85% of my max ever. Fighting is hard and takes a lot out of you, so if you're training in kick boxing a lot, 3-4 times a week, then don't lift more than twice a week. If you're at 2-3 times a week most weeks, you can get in two big sessions with squats, deads, presses, chins, dips, etc and then get in a small session with cuff work, rear delts, arms, etc.

      AS far as setting goals, that's going to be an individual thing. The main thing to think about is just getting as strong as fucking possible while continuing to improve in your craft. Try to think of them as complimenting each other and finding balance so that happens.