Saturday, April 21, 2012

Training - Small workout

Bodyweight  - 237 <- dig it......

Upright Rows -
bar x 20
185x11-7 50% set

Incline Db Curls - 40's x 3 sets of 15
Ez Bar Pullovers - 65 x 3 sets of 20
Flyes - 20's x 5 sets of 20 (for pec minor rehab)

Notes - Felt great.  Shocked at how easy the upright rows with 185 were and they were strict.  Down 10 pounds from last week already.  Eating big as fuck tonight bitches.


  1. I noticed you're a big fan of upright rows. I take it you use them primarily as a trap movement for your trap days. Any other recommendations for trap exercises on these days?

    I ask because using a close grip on these simply never felt good on my shoulders (I have no shoulder problems whatsoever, do a lot of mobility work and do BTN presses with no pain at all), and using a wider grip feels fine but it's a lot more delts (makes sense, that's what Charles Glass used to advise people to do).

    1. If they hurt don't do em. Save your shoulders as much as possible.

  2. Hey Paul, I know you've mentioned that you're sort of an insomniac on the blog before. I've been having issues with sleep for the past 6 or 8 months and I was wondering if you have any tips for dealing with it.

    1. Get some lunesta. I've had it my whole life and I've tried every routine and OTC med ever and lunesta has been my only saving grace. That and a few hours of sex. No joke. After I finish I can pass out, but I usually wake a few hours later and am wide awake. Just kinda sucks but you deal with it.

      Melatonin does work for me sometimes, but take it on an empty stomach. Also, if you're lying in the bed and wide awake and you can feel it's not going to happen (falling asleep), get the fuck up. Read a book or watch a movie you have seen before. Some people say not to watch TV but I have found TV is ok for me. I will say don't get on the net. I find that wakes me up more. A book or a movie I've seen before seems to help.

      If I wake up in the middle of the night I usually eat, but on this diet that's out.

      Hope that helps any. I don't have a cure or fix for it and I've had it my whole life.

    2. Thanks paul I have that issue too of waking up after a few hours... happens every night around 4 I'm basically just used to it now lol

    3. I read this BBC article a while back, it might be of some interest or relevant to you light sleepers out there. I found it interesting anyway. Its called the Myth of the 8 hour sleep.