Thursday, January 6, 2011

Awesome business opportunity

I have a great business idea.  Tell me if you think it's legal or illegal.....

I am going to sell t-shirts.  You go to my t-shirt site, and pick out the t-shirt you like.  A hot chic will deliver this $500 t-shirt to your house where she may or may not have sex with you (up to her after you give her the $500 for the purchase of the t-shirt).

No returns.  If you want another "t-shirt" just order a new one.



  1.'s probably illegal because sex would have to be mentioned as a possibility; otherwise, no one would buy a "t-shirt". Not to mention, I'm sure it's illegal to pay someone to have sex with someone else.

    But I could use a new t-shirt.......

  2. You're not paying for sex. You're paying for the t-shirt. If my delivery girl has sex with you, well that's up to her. ;-)

  3. Think this could be classified as an escort service with an added bonus. Least in Canada it's not illegal lol.

  4. Selling t-shirts is an escort service?

    This was really just a philosophical question I had with a work mate today. This went on for a while about the legalities of it.

  5. The key is that you cannot mention or hint at the possibility of sex. Yet, obviously you have to make that point clear or nobody will pay $500 for a t-shirt.


    The hot chick wears the actual t-shirt to the home. Then, she peels it off and gives you the shirt off her back.

    Nothing is mentioned about sex or even whether or not she has anything else to put on.

    "The Shirt Off My Back" T-Shirt Delivery Service.

    Alternate title:

    "The Shirt Off My Tits" T-Shirt Delivery Service.

    - Matt

  6. This is an even better idea. Thank you Matt.