Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Training - Stuff???

Well, I can't press heavy.  Which sucks the mayo off of an aids sandwich.  So I went into the gym tonight and thought I'd hit the actual muscle groups the best I could.

Pec Deck - 5 sets of from 25 reps down to 8 with almost the full stack.
Chest Press Machine Bullshit - 3/4 of stack for 8 with a parallel grip

Side Laterals - 25's x 15, 30's x 12, 35's x 10, 40's x 8,8
Upright Rows - 115 x 5 sets of 10

Rope Pushdowns - 5 sets of 10-20

Moved super fast, resting maybe 30 seconds between each set.  I hate this kind of shit.  Right now, I can't squat/deadlift heavy, can't press heavy, and can't run.  I feel like slaughtering a village of midgets who lip sync pop songs.  Super pissed off and agitated right now, but what can you do?  It comes with the territory.  


  1. I know you are opposed to taking some time off, but as someone who objectively checks your log regularly I see a definite pattern.

    4.Have to drop a movement
    5.Decreased training(or more focus on something else/conditioning)

    I know this sucks Paul but this won't kill you ... just a week off with some focus on other things. If you become too agitated physically: I always try to get stuff done around the house that is always postponed. It helps.

    Just stating my observation though. You may see it differently but I would surely take it into account because this sucks either way.


  2. Bert - The last sickness was just the stomach bug. I actually haven't been that sick this past year. Just the usual stuff.

    My only movement drop that I know of, was incline. And that was because I could bench more often.

    After 21 years of this, I have good years and bad years. This just happened to be a bad year. My elbows have been bad for a LONG time. So this is really the first time I'm just dealing with it directly instead of trying to train around it. The other stuff just comes with lifting heavy. But I appreciate your input.

    Thanks a bunch!

  3. No problem man. I just hope you recover soon.
    I know how great I myself can be at handing out advice without taking an objective look at my own problems in training. I always appreciate it when friends call me on this.

    Anyone, keep at it. Although I most certainly have not been training as long as you have(11 years), I notice some odd patterns. About two years ago I was unable to squat heavy for more than two weeks in a row ... before I had to take two weeks off due to severe knee pain and fluid build-up. Running was definitely out. By then I was dealing with this for maybe six years.(and often said fuck it and just trained through it)
    Many years of frustration ...

    This past year and a half, I have been squatting twice and deadlifting once, plus doing sprints. Many things have contributed to this(changes in nutrition, taking it very slow ...)but overall I am extremely happy with this. Just a year ago I was sitting with ice packs on knees and wrists morning and evening.

    Again, no point to this story but just some experience sharing. Comes with the territory, the aches and pains. Best not to break our minds over it and try to find inexplicable patterns, because sometimes times there are none.

    I have begun squatting three times a week(heavy - light - medium)from this week, we'll see how it goes.

    So much philosophy in training ...

    Peace mate.

  4. That's good self evaluation and what every good lifter must do in order to sustain meaningful progress. Kudos to you Bert.