Friday, January 14, 2011

Training - Stuff???

Weight - 244

Pec Deck - 4 sets from 20 down to 8
Bench Press Machine - 4 sets down to 6 reps with stack
Upright Rows - up to 135 x 10
rope pushdowns - 4 sets of 10

Notes - Did this workout late last night.  Tired as shit.  Tried to do some overhead db press but it still feels a little achy in that elbow.  I'm not doing anything that bothers that elbow.  I am going to let it completely heal up before I start free weight pressing back in.  When I do, it will be slowly.


  1. Good idea on taking it easy. Matt Kroc over at elitefts recently tore one of his triceps. Said his elbow pain was acting up in recent weeks.

  2. I hadn't even heard about it.

    I'm trying to be smarter this year and pay more attention to my body rather than push through some things. I don't want any more surgeries.