Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Surviving a Zombie Apocalypse - Part 2

Weaponry and Attire -

I want to talk about some weapons you could/should have available to you when the Zombie apocalypse hits.

I could include a whole list of perfect weapons however we need to be realistic here.  You probably won't have access to a Barrett .50 caliber, nor would that even be a good weapon for the Apocalypse.  So let's talk about some guns and other weaponry that you might have, or that might be available to you.

Rifles -

30-06 or a 308 Rifle -
Some of the most common deer hunting rifles there are.  Any sporting goods store that sells rifles will have these and ammo to boot.  Good power, good range.  These are better used for distance type shots, rather than up close.

AR-15 -
This is a widely owned rifle as well, but would serve very well as a close range weapon.  It shoots 5.56 mm which is very common and you can equip it with about any combination of things from scopes to shotguns.  Close and medium range capability is what we are looking at here.

And speaking of shotguns...

Remington 12 gauge (any type) -
You can find a Remington 12 gauge just about anywhere.  Your grandad probably has 2 of em.  And since he's slow, and doesn't believe in zombies well, he probably won't be needing either of them.

Handguns - 

It would be easy for me to list a .45 or even the .40 cal I own.  However, there are a few things I want to factor in here.  In real life when you pull your weapon, adrenaline will flowing, you will be shaking, and accuracy is going to be an issue.  Without a doubt the most accurate handgun I've ever shot is simply the good old six shooting Police Issue .30 special.  No, it doesn't have a ton of power, but it is deadly accurate and jamming won't be an issue.  My suggestion is that the .38 be your main sidearm then carry something like a .45, 9MM, or .40 cal with a high capacity clip for your secondary.

Accuracy is more important

Blades, Bows, and misc - 

Obviously a compound bow is an option.  However there is a lot of skill in shooting head shots with a bow and arrow.  Unless you are Legolas from Lord of the Rings, I say forget the compound bow.  If it is a crossbow?  Grab it.

Could save your ass

If you are fighting with a knife, chances are you aren't going to make it.  However a good machete could give you a fighting chance if you're close to an escape and just need a few more seconds.

Attire -

One thing that perplexes me in all of the Zombie flicks is everyones desire to run out amongst the zombie horde in regular street clothes, fully exposed to bites.

Look, it doesn't take a lot of ingenuity to come up with some simple things that, even if you are overrun, you still have some protection against being bitten.

A football or hockey helmet will protect you from being bitten on the face area.

A catchers chest protector with football shoulder pads over the top protect the torso very well.

Biking knee and elbow pads.

A catchers shin guards.

Biking gloves.

But even better, if you can find it, are the torso units you can find for off road cyclists.

You'd still be left with covering your upper thighs.  Doing something as duct taping shin pads up there would at least give you something.

So to cover it all, if you don't have any weapons or any protective attire you may need to make a jaunt out to the local sporting good store/gun store and pick up a few items.  Your life depends on it.


  1. Paul,

    I have to point out that today's box-fed firearms don't take clips, they take magazines. Clips were used in guns such as the M1 Garand.

    I would also like to point out that a good old .22 rifle is also a good choice IN ADDITION to the other weapons you listed. A box of 500 shells, a reliable gun such as a Ruger 10/22, a 4x scope and you can do headshots all day at slow moving zombies. When a .22 bullet enters a head, it bounces all around because it doesn't have the power to exit the bony skull. The gelatinous mass of the brain will get stirred up by the bullet bouncing around. How much fun would that be? Sitting up high and just plinking at them. You could play games like "how many chest shots from a .22 will kill a zombie?" or "Shoot the fingers off the zombie"

    I also theorize that zombies may be cold blooded. I have never seen a zombie movie with a winter setting. Besides, large snow drifts would cause them quite a hindrance and I think many would just freeze to death.

    Just some thoughts I have had while contemplating the beginning of World War Z. I could go on all day about my ideas.

  2. Blake - I swear I almost put the good ol .22 in there. Wish I had now.

    Zombie movie with Winter Setting - Dead Snow.

  3. something ha a i not agree about this artciles is when you say that when zombies appear they will be the fast kind, i think it depends, if they are a product of a biological weapon, i think they will be the slow kind, dont see any advantage if after dropping the zombie gas or virus to the enemy the deads rise again as fast zombies that may become a bigger threat for our troops.

  4. I think you have to prepare for the fast kind because otherwise you're going to be in a world of shit. So just assume they will be fast, and you'll be ok.

  5. And actually, if the point of the chemical agent were to zombify the enemy, then the fast kind would make more sense. Since it could spread more rapidly.

  6. I think it will be a fast acting agent that will create the zombies. I'm kinda on the fence about how fast they will actually move. It seems to make more sense to me that if whomever starts the zombie infection would want them to move slowly so they would be easier to kill. I don't think an entity would create zombies to use as an offensive weapon (in which case they would want fleet zombies) unless the agent causing the virus (or whatever) was not contagious. Otherwise, there would be a widespread rapidly growing and most likely uncontrollable zombie population. Unless said creator had the virus designed so the host body died after a period of time. But even then, what if the zombies evolve and become immune to the virii death effect? I do agree if you prepare for fast zombies, you won't be surprised.

    Dead Snow - will put it at the top of my watch list.

    Personally, I have an M1A in .308 and an AR15 with several thousand rounds and some glocks too. Many of which are already loaded in magazines. I have tried to get the wife and kids to practice reloading. I would hate to have to trip them in order for me to get away which the outbreak starts.

  7. Well think of it like an atomic bomb. As the one dropping the bomb, we're not going to have friendly's on the ground when this breaks out. So you would drop it and hope it spreads quickly. If they are slow moving zombies, this will not happen. If they are aggresive fast moving, it will.

  8. If there was a zombie infection here in Brazil, we have the advantage that the houses/buildings are already made to keep people outside: fences on windows, broken glass on walls etc.. on the other hand there is no weapons with civilians (except criminals) and no gun stores, so fire arms would be hard to get. So for weapons i would go with axe or some other tool thats sharp but also has the mass to crush a cranium, a machete lacks in power.
    I always said the same thing about clothes, it isnt even that hard find something: even a regular leather jacket stops human teeth easily.
    One thing i think could be handy is small explosives, not to kill a zombie but to be thrown and draw attention away from some strategical point.

  9. The machete works fine for decapitating people. Just ask African warlords man. It's been the preferred weapon of choice for their henchmen for a long time.

  10. I will take my .30-30 or .32 over the .03-06 or .308 anyday. Moving target right at you??? Oh shit...thats right, my .30-30 scope is lifted so I have iron sites as well. No problem! Many times I have switched to iron sites to hit a moving deer...and I didnt have to switch guns. Plus, I had many rounds to burn through. I wasnt one and done. If I am gonna carry a 1 round gun, I am going .50 cal. Might as well carry something that can fuck shit up from 2 miles.

    I carry a Bersa Thunder .45. I have run through full metal jackets and Hydro-shoks and I have never, ever jammed. My wife never touched a gun in her life and she hit 3 of 6 in a pie plate from 15 yard with it...so I am going .45. Fuck the revolver accuracy shit...I want shells that will pierce and flatten...best of both worlds. Maybe a .32 on my ankle...but most likey a .380 running Cor-Bons. Short and sweet.

    As I said before, I am going Ak-47 over the AR-15. Just personal preference. I have shot more rounds through a 100 round mag with not even a shiver with the AK then ever with the AR. Plus, covered in zombie blood, guts, and mud, the AK always comes through.

    Shotguns? No thanks. I have a 1915 Iver Johson double 12 gauge that is a family hand me down. My great gramps to my gramps, my gramps to my dad, my dad to me. The gun is bad ass, and kicks like a mule. If it was an intruder situation, that gun would tear the bedroom door off the hinges and split someone in 2. In a zombie situation...with tons of incoming, no thanks! It takes some time to crack it open and put in fresh rounds.

    Knife wise...the local mall has some Braveheart swords. I am all over that plus my chainsaw.

    This is great shit bro!

    Wouldnt let me post with my name..not sure why: Rick Walker

  11. Rick - A bit of overkill here. Remember, you just need a shot to the head. Accuracy out weighs power. As noted by another poster, a simple .22 rifle is actually enough, and even little kids can shoot em so if you were wounded and had to have a young un pick up the slack, it wouldn't be an issue. This is smart planning.

    A Scottish Claymore?????? Have you ever lifted one? They are generally over 6 pounds. So slinging it around is slow going. If you are in a tight space, you're dead. Again, think strategy. In an open field a claymore would be fine. In a room or small area you'd be toast.

    Chainsaw? Did you see the Dawn of the Dead remake? It was a chainsaw that took out the passengers of the 2nd vehicle. Close weapons should be fast, light, controllable AND deadly.

    I'm ok with your choice of fire power because most of it is a personal preference thing. However again remember it's not always going to be you. A female or child that isn't familiar with a lot of weaponry may be the one saving your ass at some point. If they can't handle that weapon they might as well have a Barney doll.

  12. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-leicestershire-13713798

  13. This is without a doubt the most accurate handgun I have ever shot is simply the good old six shooting game Police Issue.