Saturday, May 14, 2011

Training - Chest and Shoulders

Weight - 247

Incline Press -
bar x 30
135 x 15
185 x 5
225 x 4
275 x 1 - stop

Felt something twinge in my left shoulder area.  This is the shoulder I have permanent AC joint separation in so every so often it gives me trouble.  This felt more muscular so I terminated the set right away.

I then went to db bench press and did the 80's for 2 sets of 20 then the 100's for a set of 20.  Felt fine.

Did some side laterals and pec deck after this just to make sure and the pec and all of that musculature felt fine.  I may drop incline for seated press next week but we'll see.  I will test it next week and see how it feels.  If it feels ok I will stay light and get a ton of reps in.  Everytime my incline moves back up in that 400 range something like this happens.  I really think it's the incline at the gym.  It's a bit too steep IMO.

Aside from that, my shoulder was not feeling "right" this morning.  I did my usual warming up and then some, but it just never felt proper.  This is not a set back kind of thing, just a precaution.


  1. Hi my friend. I've always wondered why you're not including over head work in your routines. Maybe you need to rotate the pressing motions from workout to workout?

  2. I'm a fairly natural overhead presser Paul and I've never noticed a singled bit of carryover from when my overhead press went up, to my bench or incline or anything. In other words, because my overhead is a naturally strong movement, it doesn't help me with anything else. However with the incline now giving me some issues I may do some PBN or seated db press for a few weeks in the rotation. for me, the bench and incline seem to help each other. So I use them as my primary presses.

  3. did u ever consider strongman with ur natural pressing? ur legs strength too seems like a natural fit

  4. Yeah I wouldn't mind doing some strongman. I also really like the conditioning aspect of it a lot. To be honest strongman fits in more with my thinking, however I am a shit deadlifter so I would need to bring that up a lot in order to actually be competitive.