Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Training - Pipes with PR

Bodyweight - 260

Close Grip Bench -
bar x 40
135 x 15
225 x 5
275 x 4
315 x 3
365 x 2 (both paused)
385 x 1 paused

315 x 15 <------- PR

Ez Curls - 85 x 12, 105 x 6, 135 x 15
V-Bar pushdowns - 80 x 20, 100x10

Notes - Awesome session.  A real +10%.  Close grips were the smoke show up and down the whole ladder.  385 felt like an empty bar and I paused it for a full 3 seconds.  The 315x15 was in fact a max.  But that should put me around the 450 area.  And that's about what I feel like right now.  445ish.


  1. Very stong Paul, very strong!

    After this lifting cycle, whats your plan with the weights?



  2. Just concentrating on getting through this one injury free right now Greg.

  3. why the close crip bench press is/looks so badass

  4. I agree. Close grips looks far more manly than some fat guy with his hands out to the collars barely moving the fucking bar.

  5. Congrats Paul. Laying the foundation for some big numbers. Whats your diet been like?

  6. Pretty solid, although I have been cheating a little more often here and there. But less on sweets and more on stuff like hamburgers or pizza, which is odd for me because I've always craved sweets and candy bars and such.

  7. Hi Paul

    when you are training your arms,why dont you do dips and chins and then supplement with heavy curls and cg bench?

    I myself want to get bigger arms (who doesn't :P) and have been doing heavy dips around (5reps for 3set) superset with chins and then moving on to CG bench( 9-12reps) superset with barbell curls and topping it of with pushdowns supersetted with hammer curls (12-15reps). should i change it up tp CG first and then dips or otherwise?


  8. I think that's a great idea if your elbows can take it.

    I do close grips as my heavy movement for triceps. After that I do something lighter because I need to keep my elbows from getting too beat up.

    Second, I've always been a big chin guy however I am being won over by curls for REAL bicep development. I notice a big difference in my arms now since I have been doing just a few sets of heavy curls instead of relying on the chins.

    I like your setup though and if I were you, and my joints could take it, I would do that.

  9. after i wrote this i actually thought i should change it up and start with the weakest movement..that would be CG bench and then move on to dips..since in dips its easier to go heavy than it is on CG bench.The same with biceps,start with curls and then move on to chins later.

    I read the article you had a link to " why bodybuilder are jacked..." and after reading it i think i might drop the heavy reps 3-5 on dips and CG bench since im after mass gain and not strength. i think i might aim for 12-15reps per set...you think its to high? maybe aim for 9-12 instead? (its for all the movements)


  10. If you look at my workout from today my top set of db bench press was the 100's for 25 reps. Don't worry about going too high on the reps if mass is the main goal.