Friday, May 27, 2011

Thoughts about life, crap, training, and stuff

My neck is killing me.  It was doing ok until the stiff legs yesterday.  Those put me back into Frankenstein mode.  Thankfully we had a friend recommend the elctro stim (and I own one) and I have been using it with good success.  I can turn my head again.

"I DID have electro stim!"

Heard a pretty good rant from a guy this week about how some guys in bodybuilding or powerlifting get a little success and become full on fucktard pricks.  I have seen this myself, but I'm not going to start throwing people under the bus.  What I'm going to say about this is two things. 

One, everyone responds different to attention.  Some people let their heads become swollen and think they are king shit and more important than they really are.  Here is a real fact.  Only about 0.000001% of the population know anyone in bodybuilding or powerlifting.  So even if you achieve "fame" in it, no one still knows who the fuck you are.  Second, this isn't unusual to life.  I have watched people at work get promoted and do complete 180's.  Become a whole new different person.  Either they become an asshole or a brown noser.  I have seen some guys get better, but they are rare.  I appreciate people like that a lot. 

Second, some names were dropped that are people I know and am friends with.  This did not make me mad.  One thing I have accepted in life is that I may get along and consider dude A and dude B friends of mine.  However dude A may hate dude B, and vice versa.  This does not bother me.  We are all different people and are wired differently, and no one said you had to like my friends if you want to be my friend.  A mature person gets over this.  Taking sides is for fucking 3rd graders.  If dude A and dude B are mature enough, they will understand this as well and not care that I am friends with both people.  If one does care, then he's the immature asshole and he's no longer got cool dude status. 

It was settled on two different boards that it'd be better for me to hit 635x3 on deads than 585x8 to really be positive about pulling 700.  So I'm going trust all of these 700+ pullers that that is the case.  If I don't pull 700 after pulling 635x3 then....well I guess I won't have pulled 700.  Shit. 

I did a google image search for 635 pounds and Beyonce was in there, and looked far better than a barbell so I used it instead

So I took two days off this week.  I opened my Outlook out of office assistance, and I realized I have not taken off 2 days in a row in 7 months.  That's too long.  You should work to live, not live to work.  I'm not saying I have, but I should have had a vacation in the last 7 months and I haven't.  Time just gets away from you I suppose.  Stupid ass time, always trying to get away with shit.

I know that the whole Roy Nelson thing is fun for people, but I find it disgusting.  If the guy was really serious he'd get in fucking shape and take his bodyfat seriously.  Yeah he went the distance with Junior but he was gassed and Rogan pointed it out.  he only survived because of his chin.  I'll take Mir over him tomorrow night and Page over Hamill. 

Oh I did sign up for a 90 minute massage at a Spa for Saturday.  I hope my massage therapist is HOT!  Truth is it doesn't matter, I always find once they get to rubbing on me I want to leave my wife for em. 

PLEASE be my massage therapist!!! 

I've done more smart shit with my training the last 6 weeks than I have in the last 2 years.  I listened to my body more, upped my reps, rested when needed, and I've been rewarded with some nice gains.  Now sitting at around 255-260 pounds and still wearing my same 36 pants with plenty of room.  I have been haphazard in my eating here and there, but for the most part it's been the same shit over and over again.  If I can stay healthy I'm almost positive a 650 no belt no wraps squat, 460-470 close grip bench, and 700 deadlift will be doable in a couple of months.  Hardly world class lifts, but good for me and I'd be happy with that. 

I know I have an old "friend" who checks in here from time to time.  Pretty funny. 

Man I hate to say it but I think gluten does in fact fuck my stomach up.  I just felt my test levels drop for writing that.

I watched Pulp Fiction again the other night.  I quote that movie all the time but I haven't actually seen it in a while.  Sam Jackson really made that whole movie.  Yeah, every scene is good.  But every scene with Sam Jackson is a flipping gold mine of comedy.  Without a doubt his best role ever.  I also forgot just how much I hated Bruce Willis girlfriend in the movie.  I'm sure she was supposed to be annoying, and she should have won an Academy Award for "most annoying bitch in a movie".  I wanted him to bring that sword back from Zed's place and cut her in half with it. 

I'm off today, so I can't get it through my head that its actually Friday and not Saturday.  I even went to eat out breakfast this morning, so I've really been messed up since then. 

Dudes should not poke other dudes on Facebook.  That's gay. 

I hope everyone has a great memorial day weekend.  Be safe, have some good bar-b-q, and rememeber the men and women who gave their life for your freedoms. 


  1. what do u think about the show game of thrones

  2. I got my eye on it. Waiting to see what the reviews of it are looking like. I like to watch a series all at once for the most part. Not a single show at a time.

  3. Paul, did you get around to watching Valhalla Rising? Curious to know what you thought of it.

  4. a likes b but hates c friends are these people u know in real life/ if not who cares

  5. "Man I hate to say it but I think gluten does in fact fuck my stomach up. I just felt my test levels drop for writing that."

    Ha! I was pissed as hell when I realised I am soy intolerant. Not because I love soy that much or anything, but b/c I hated the idea of being sensitive to anything. Pussy! I guess this is what growing up is about. Accepting your friends might not get on, and that sometimes the paleo community are right.

    Game of Thrones is fucking brilliant. I described it to a friend the other day as "medieval fantasy drama". It was a bad sell. But the show itself has everything you could ever want: sword fights, political intrigue, good writing, zombies, (lots of) sex, Sean Bean, intelligent humour, an imp... I can't think of anything that's missing!

  6. Ally - I watched some of the trailors and clips last night. Ok so mainly the sex scenes. It only has a few more shows to go before the season is over. Once it is, I'm watching it.

    Anonymous - Yes, real friends.

    Anonymous #1 - I started watching it last weekend but ended up having a whole bunch of shit I had to go do in the middle of it. Last thing I remember is they were on the boat, not talking, and 1 eye was having those dreams/visions. Gory movie. Not a lot of talking. The landscape is unreal to look at tho.

  7. Paul,

    what's gayer? Poking another dude on facebook or using a smiley in a text you send another guy? Would love to hear your opinion.

  8. what message boards are you on?

  9. Ryan - Def poking on FB.

    Anoymous - PnB