Thursday, May 5, 2011

Training - IHOP

So I skipped training because I haven't had a lot of sleep for the whole week, was feeling like crap, and was talked into going to IHOP for blueberry pancakes by the better half.

Custom Omelette  - spinach, turkey bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes

Stack of blueberry pancakes

Two dog turds (turkey sausage)

I felt tons better after this and thought "Hmmm I could train!" but I think I'll try to get in bed early tonight and deadlift tomorrow.

I think I've done about the best job of listening to my body for the last month or so than I ever have before.  Not pushing it when I don't feel good, and going damn hard when I do.  Keeping the reps high, letting the joints heal up, I've really dialed it in the last month or so and I'm damn happy about it.  The last couple of years of training have been frustrating and I feel like I'm not just saying "be smart" anymore, I actually am.  I guess I can learn a few things.


  1. Paul,
    Back in March you wrote about doing a 6 day a week deal with C/B/S on one day and Legs/Arms the next, repeated for 6 days. Going to give that a go this summer. With everything you've written on volume and PI, knowingly everyone's different, how would you stucture those sessions with those philosophies in mind?

  2. That was the split I used a long time ago over a summer when I had plenty of time to sleep, eat, and lift. I did almost nothing else and grew really well.

    With my philosophy now it wouldn't vary much from what I did then.

    2 exercises per body part and three different workouts per week. The top 2 sets would be to failure.

    So something like .....

    day 1 - c/b/s
    incline db
    side laterals
    bent laterals

    day 2 - leg/arms
    leg curls
    2 curls
    2 triceps

    then repeat but with different movements.

  3. Ok, I didnt think you would use high volume with how frequent the training is. So get loose on the movement and then hammer 2 balls out sets so your nose bleeds? Appreciate it

  4. pretty much. you could even do 2 top sets for the first movement, and 1 top set for the second one.

  5. wat is the % you use for the single you do before your back off set in the bench ?
    that way of trainig looks really interesting

  6. All depends on where I am in my training cycle.

  7. do you think fat bar overhead press are effective like this video

  8. I hear you on being frustrated with your training. I have only been frustrated a couple of months but I am already sick of it. After my first meet (530,375,640) I decided to go the high volume route since that is what all the big names have done. Previously, I basically trained similar to your style. Past 2-3 months, all thats happened is my numbers have sucked and my entire body aches.

    Pretty stupid I know....but I am going back to my roots of 4 training days, 3-5 money lifts, relatively low and am ready to make progress again. I will be picking up your ebook as well for new ideas. Thanks for the blog. I don't always agree with you on everything but there are times when I really need to here what you have to say.

  9. Abe - Everyone falls at least once into the pitfall of thinking that they need to copy what someone stronger than them is doing. I got out of that a long time ago, and once I stopped messing around with bullshit my lifts took off and have continued to improve, even in spite of my injury set backs. Once you find a philosophy that works for you, stay with it. Remember, stay the course.

    Anonymous - Effective for what? I don't mean that snarky either. Do you mean just as effective as with a standard bar? If that's the question, I honestly can't say as I've never done fat bar overheads. I never saw a reason to. But if you have a fat bar, try em out for a while and see what happens when you go back to standard bar overheads.

  10. sorry man i meant effective for incrasing when u go back to olympic bar

  11. It's possible. If you have one try it for a while and let me know.