Monday, December 5, 2011

Chaos and Bang - Part 2

It's coming.

Jamie and I did another round table yesterday.

In it we covered........

  • What constitutes weak 
  • Internet message board "lifting" (if you can call them that) bitches
  • Some of the ways in which our training ideas are alike
  • Jamie's inability to get an erection and orgasm properly
  • How most volume training sucks, and the fat bitches that do it
  • Why getting injured is important
Stay tuned............


  1. Sounds great I'm especially looking forward to the volume training piece. B

  2. Paul, was gonna post this on your Facebook page but decided your blog was more appropriate. I've been following your LRB diet template since you posted it on August 31st. All my life I struggled with my diet, and in my ignorance through my teenage years I reached a disgustingly obese 350 lbs, this is when I started training. Untrained all my life, I started from scratch. That's all boring shit and not really that important in the scheme of things. I went from 350 to 280 just by eating less, then 280 to 240 by eating "paleo" but I was still as strong as a teenage girl.

    That's how I felt, because benching 300, squatting 450 w/ a box, and deadlifting 480 at 250 lbs is just fucking weak. Thanks to the template you laid out, and the advice given in this blog, I am sitting at 215 lbs (and still losing lots of body fat) and all my lifts are within 25-50 lbs of what they were 8 months ago.

    Thank you brother.

  3. Wow that's fucking incredible. Great job Tyler.

  4. That is awesome, Tyler.
    Keep fighting the good fight.