Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Training - Hams and Abs

Russian Leg Curls -
bodyweight x 10,8,7,5,5,5

Ab Wheel -
body x 10,10,10
+45 x 12, 10

Notes - Kinda sluggish but this workout isn't exactly some ball buster.

I had some guys asking me how I setup my natural glute-ham raise so here it is...........and yes I pull the wedgie out at the 20 second mark.


  1. Those look BRUTAL as hell and I am sure those hammer the hammies! Damn, I need to somehow try those!


  2. Hey Paul,

    I was reading the recent article where you talk about benching with a false grip. You said the bar has only come out twice ever. How bad was it those two times?

  3. HAH!

    The very first time? BAD. I was alone in the gym and it came out. 225 slammed into my chest, knocked the breath out of me, and I was pinned. I did the roll-the-bar-down trick to get it off.

    The second time was at my first meet actually on my opener. I never felt it.

  4. Damn looking like a tank Paul..lean one at that. My goal build right there while getting strong as hell to boot.

  5. Oh yeah, do you have any advice for some fucking terrible golfers elbow going on? Shit hurts on the inside of my forearm up into my elbow and won't seem to go away. Ice helps temporarily but I've had to drop deadlifts and benching to work around it and it still gets irritated training. The other elbow seems to be flaring up now too which is weird...and I'm only 22. Fuck.

  6. Anonymous 1 - Thanks man. I don't know that anyone has ever told me that my build was their goal. That's a great compliment.

    Anonymous 2 -

    #1 take some time off.
    #2 when you start back, pick all new pressing movements and pulling movements, ones that do not cause pain. Play with your grip to figure it out.
    #3 when you start back, curl like your life depends on it. Start LIGHT. 4-5 sets of 20 with no more than 65 pounds or so.

  7. i do some thing similiar with the leg curls,except i have a rope hanging from the ceiling in front of me,hold on to the rope and it turns the movement into an ab rollout and you use your hams to pull you back up

  8. When they get too difficult I use my partner to help me slow the negative down.

  9. Paul:
    Is to much to do your raw squat cycle one day (the one whit the 93% rule + pause squat)done low-bar, then in the same week do anouther squat workout, but high bar and ligh (2 sets of 10 reps)?
    I am asking it because the leg press of the gym sucks, and I cant do front squats (poor wrist and shoulder flexibility).
    My 1 rm squat is only 225 lbs, and I want to be a strongher raw squatter!! So I was thinking that since I am very weak and faraway from the advanced level I can do squat 2 times a week.

  10. -Anonymous with the elbow issue chiming in again, lol.

    Any advice on how much time you'd take off Paul?

    I developed the elbow pain and also a slight pec strain + an existing patellar tendonitis type of thing that has been lingering since July of this year..I've taken a full week off twice to no avail. Being an athlete all my life, taking more time off than that is a mental war..but gotta do what I gotta do I suppose because I feel like a train wreck at this point with all these banged up areas.

  11. Hi Paul, I'm going to do a strongman comp in the summer, but my OHP is in the crapper. I was thinkming of doing this to improve it:
    Day 1
    1. OHP-3's/1's
    2. Close Grip Bench 3-4x5-8
    3. Rows-Lots
    4. Bi's/Tris

    Day 2
    1. Incline Press-8's/5's
    2. BB Floor Press 2-3x6-10
    3. Chins- Lots
    4. Upperback

    Let me know what you think.


  12. Jason - No need for the inclines AND the floor press. Do something more like this....

    Day 1 -
    overhead work with a barbell - heavy
    clean and press with db
    light shoulder work

    Day 2 -
    Leg and Back Work

    Day 3 - Event work
    Log Press or Viking Press
    Light Shoulder work

    Get after it and good luck.

    Elbow Guy - Take time off until you feel good again man. Just do some steady state and keep the diet clean. I understand it's hard to do, but you are teetering on the edge of something giving you FORCED rest.