Tuesday, December 27, 2011

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Well, 2012 is virtually upon us.  I hope you guys and gals who wrote in about what it is you want to accomplish in 2012 are focused on achieving the task at hand, and have a plan for doing so.  Don't spend another wasted day in the gym or in your daily life being less than you are capable of being.  Make a plan for the next month, 3 months, 6 months, and year to accomplish some meaningful goals.  Both in the gym and outside of it.

I trained 3 times yesterday.  I did cardio in the morning, lifted after lunch, then went back to the gym for another session that evening with a friend I have been helping with some training.  Needless to say I am quite spent today.  Sometimes it is very apparent how important sleep is in recovering.  One of my goals this year to just do a better job of getting into bed earlier, take my drinking down to a maximum of one weekend a month (not that I'm a big drinker, the most I usually have is 2).  Just doing those 2 things I believe, will give my training a pretty big boost.

As I noted in a previous post, I'm very anxious to get back to my caveman-barebones training.  I am enjoying setting the stage for it by doing all of this back and trap work, but I do miss my meat and potatoes style of training.  Lower volume, balls out, limited lifts.  Meet training this year is literally going to be the big 3 with incline, curl, adductor machine, and ab work.  And that's it.

I ate bad over the weekend for Christmas and I was 240 in a couple of days.  Most people have no idea how little I have to eat in order to stay lean and keep my weight at 232-235 pounds.  I'm talking 5 eggs a day, 3 or 4 shakes, and a meal at night.  I'm basically on my shake diet all the time now, I just mix up whatever protein I want to use.  If I get to feeling flat I will do a carb back-load after a heavy workout.  So far this has been working very well for me.  I still want to get even leaner, but I've just gotten a little off the wagon the last month.  Time to reload.

I took the kids to see Hugo a couple of weekends ago.  Worst movie I have seen in a long time.  It's a Martin Scorsese film, so I thought it had to be good (nevermind that Scorsese has had his share of stinkers).  Boy was I fuckin wrong.  I knew it was long, and less than halfway through I felt like cutting on myself so that way at least I would have some amusement for the next hour or so.  My kids, who like just about any movie about other kids, even said it was boring.  Nothing in this film pulled me in.  I never sympathized with the kid, there were too many characters that had no depth.  It was just atrocious.  The story was fucking slow, and the delivery was even worse.  I wish I had two more hands so I could give it four thumbs down.

UFC 141.  I can't wait to watch Lesnar get hit by Alistair Overeem.  If he thought that Carwin or Cain hit hard..........and Pat Berry must be smoking crack with the shit he has said about Brock hitting harder than Alistair.  I mean really Pat?

I managed to use some of that Universal Animal Pump last week ( a sample pack of it) and I liked it pretty good.  Not too much of a jolt, but just enough.  Made my lips and ears tingle, which was pretty cool.

Titanic in 3-D.  I really want to go see this, and when the ship sinks I want to start screaming about how "well that was completely unexpected!"

I really am thinking about inventing my own MRP.  I don't like a lot of the ratios from MRP's now.  Either too few carbs, not enough fiber, or too few fats, not enough protein, too much whey, etc.  If you're a guy living off of MRP's for 4-5 meals a day, you need a really specific MRP.  And it needs to taste awesome too.  I may be looking into this soon.  And no, I will not be going through true protein.

Not a ton to write today.  Super busy with work and personal shit going on.

I was off yesterday, so today cannot suck.

Hope everyone is having a good one.


  1. Hi Paul.

    Just wanted to give you my thanks for your blog. It's both entertaining and helpful, healthwise and trainingwise.

    I really appreciate the time and effort you put into it.

    All the best to you and your family in 2012!



  2. Same to you Martin. I appreciate your support.

  3. What ratios would you like to see in an MRP shake? Syntha 6 seems to be ok if you add milk.

  4. 50 protein

    12 fat

    12-15 carb

    5 grams fiber

    There are some that are very close.

  5. If I may ask, what do you have against true protein?

  6. another suggestion is Matrix 5.0. I'm currently doing the shake thing and their cookies & cream is by far the best tasting protein I've ever had

  7. Nothing other than I don't feel like trying to go through the process of trying to find all of those correct macro nutrients AND find something that tastes awesome. When/if I get to the point where I do want to, I'll do my own thing.

  8. Hope you had a good holliday Paul. Im enjoying all the quality you post on here.

    Quick question for you if you feel like answering it...

    Ive been reading up on Doggcrapp out of pure curiosity and remember reading that you have done the DC training program as written by Dante. So my question is, for someone like me who doesn't want to change programs right now, do you think integrating some rest pause sets into my normal training, without changing anything else, would be beneficial? Have you ever done this?

    My thinking is that it might help me bring up certain lagging lifts. Either way, ill probably give it a try eventually.


  9. Lagging lifts?

    If a lagging lift is what you are after, do that lift.

    As far as rest/pause training yes, you can implement it and it works well. I still use a lot of rest/pause in my training even if I don't log it on here correctly. For curls and triceps and such i still like r/p work. I like drop sets as well too. The point of both is just extending the set for more growth potential.

  10. Awesome post once again Paul, I have gone back to barebones style training myself and am enjoying it tremendously. I've been thinking of introducing the BTN push press into my regime (inspired by Jamie's usage of it), what's your opinion on it though, because you seem like a bit more of a level headed guy.

  11. I personally hate push presses, but to each their own. If I were to one, it'd be the behind the neck one because push presses do not feel natural to me at all. Anything behind the neck feels fine however. So give em a shot.

  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=o6Ei3lGXo0Y....sick!