Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Thoughts about life, crap, training, and stuff

Haven't done one in a while because, wow, I've had so much training info I have been writing and sharing.  So I suppose that's a good thing.

Let me tell you what a douche Christian Thibaudeau, of t-bag nation is.  Dude was my friend on Facebook.  I came across one of his recent training videos and thought it looked like he had gotten significantly bigger.  I was impressed with how much, so I dropped him a message asking what he's weighing these days.  I never heard back.  Sometime later, Facebook alerted me that Mr. Thib's was "a friend I should add."


So I went to his page, and sure enough.  He had removed me.  So I sent him a private message.

This was the actual conversation.........

Me - "Dude out of almost 5 thousand people I got removed? What the hell did I do?"

Tibadouche - "You kept asking what my weight was. I find it annoying when someone asks personal questions, The fact that I didn't answer your question should have been a good clue not to ask it again"

Me - "I looked back through our conversations. I asked ONE TIME. Mainly because I saw your recent vid and thought you looked like you had gotten a lot bigger. I thought only women took asking for their weight as a "personal question." JFC grow a pair."

That's right.  Thibadouche removed me from Facebook, because I asked him a personal question.  That "personal question" was, how much do you weight.

I thought only women thought that was a personal question.  So here is the only thing I can deduct from that conversation.  

Christian Thibadouche pees sitting down.  

Pees siting down

I still haven't transcribed the Chaos and Bang 2.  I am working on the software to get it calibrated better so that way when it does the transcribing, I have less work to do.  I also have some other things in the works, so be patient.

I haven't watched a movie in for fucking ever!  I go through these spells where I don't.  I am also open to some recommendations to get me back in the flow.  But something that will knock my socks off.

I haven't even watched the last two episodes of Dexter, and missed this whole season of TUF.  I'm just not into the tube right now.  I barely watch TV as is, and right now, I'm watching it even less.

Speaking of UFC, some kinks in Jon Jones armor was shown.  Machida dominated him for that first round.  Yes I know, he got subbed, but I think that cut in the forehead really took it out of him.  He was not himself after that.  I think Machida could be the guy that beats Jones because that unorthodox style really had Jones in a funk.  I personally don't think Jones is going to have some epic long run.  He lacks power, and at 205 a guy without power isn't going to hold onto a championship belt for very long.  All you Jones jock toters can kiss my ass.

Won't be champ for long

Russian Leg curls are the fucking devil.  I REALLY want to get good at these.

In case you haven't read all the responses, Rick wrote in about how Ed Coan talked about back building for a bigger deadlift.  I can't say how much this REALLY encompasses my philosophy.  Use the lifts to build the lifts, and get bigger to increase the ceiling for the lifts.  That is essentially what I am doing right now.  Because I am also trying to get leaner, I reasoned that it was possible I could concentrate on building 1 or 2 smaller areas at a time in a calorie deficit.  It worked for traps.  I'm not sure if it will work as well with trying to maintain the traps while building the hams, erectors, and rhomboids but if it does, I'm golden.

Anyway back to the point.  If your erectors, back, and hams are fucking jacked you should be able to pull big using the deadlift and possible block dead to build it.  This is not rocket science.  This is also not weak point building.  This is just building the body.  Get the parts that do the work bigger, and their strength ceiling will expand.  Just use the lift to get near that ceiling.  If bench was a program for me, I'd be cranking the fucking pecs and shoulders hard as hell, triceps too.  If legs were the issues I'd work hacks and leg press like mad after squatting.  Get the areas involved in the lift as jacked as possible.  This is how to use assistance and support work to your best advantage.  Not trying to overthink fucking weaknesses in the movement.  Look, you miss a lift because you didn't generate enough momentum from the weakest position.  This is why bottom position work is so golden for raw guys.  You put yourself into movement disadvantages.  When those disadvantages become easier, i.e. you get stronger, then you move the weight with greater velocity and you then don't miss.  You make that lift.  It's not about training "weak points" in the movement.  I think that's fairly dumb.  But that's just my own way of thinking.

Jesus, it's like the population quadrupled when I go out.  Stores are packed, the roads are packed.  Where the fuck did all these people come from?  I know this time of year there are more people out than usual, but this year it seems like we were invaded by another country for the purpose of clogging up retail outlets.  In the morning I'm already pissed at the world, but getting behind people driving 0.07 MPH really gets my internal Satan going.  I need to learn how to practice some calm.

I need to get a truck.  The winter is coming and the SRT8 is a god damn death trap when the snow hits.  Even in LIGHT snow, the backend comes out on me.  And no, tires don't help.  I just put some expensive ass tires on anyway, so I'm not changing em out.  I want a truck anyway, so I'm making up any excuse I can to just get one.  Hell yes.

I am going to Fogo tomorrow which is a Brazilian steakhouse where they bring out meat on a fucking stick to you.  I love this place like Jesus loves sinners.  I always eat way too much and get the meat sweats when I am there.  I'm talking pounds and pounds of filet magnum and sirloin.  Provolone injected sirloin no less.  I generally ask them to just leave it.  This always makes them have a sad.  And I don't care.

I have a new training partner.  My 13 year old.  It's time.  She's a skeleton and needs some confidence too.  The teen years are hard as fuck.  I know what lifting did for me during that time and I hope she can experience some of that same benefit.  Plus I think having three girls that are jacked and can take care of themselves will be pretty fucking cool.

I hope that everyone is having a safe and awesome holiday season and remembering what I asked about essentially paying it forward.  Try to do something nice for others and go out of your way to do so.


  1. I fucking love Brazilian steakhouses.

  2. Can't remember if it has been mentioned here before, but whenever you do find some time to get back into TV/movies, check out "Homeland" on Showtime, on after "Dexter." Really good new show.

  3. It does look interesting. Worth watching the whole season?

  4. This is related to your Raw bench series.

    I have been following your blog since close to the beginning, and Jamie's too.

    But I have to say the raw bench series totally rocked.

    For the first time in 2 years since I started strength training, my bench broke 205lbs.
    (Squat PR is 450lbs raw, Deadlift PR is 515lbs)

    Using your style of setup I benched 235lbs.
    And I can do this at will. I have finally mastered the technique needed for my bench press.


    Also your blog is a god send amongst all the crap on the interweb.

  5. Good shit Wes. That's all the shit I love to hear about.

  6. People are way too sensitive these days good lord. He just proved he has less testicular fortitude than Richard Simmons.

  7. How are you setting up the Russian leg curls? I remember trying to set something up years ago and giving up after not figuring out a decent and comfortable set up.


  8. Paul, 24 is a bomb ass TV show. You will need to be disciplined to watch one episode at a time. I usually get a season and burn through it in a few days.

  9. Indeed watch Homeland you'll love it. It's no Dexter but a good show. Your bench series has been great. Through your blog i've slowly cleaned up my technique on bench. I still can't believe i did not have my forearms perpendicular to the floor. I was leaning toward head putting tons of pressure on triceps and my aching elbows. That simple switch and moving my grip in slightly has made things feel much stirdier. No weight moveup yet but i feel like I'm consistent. I'd like to go back to 15 year old Sam and tell him to punch the guy in the dick who told you to press toward your head if you are struggling. Worst piece of advice ever. I mean common sense would tell you a straight line is the shortest distance between two point. I'm lucky I still have a rotator cuff. Thanks again! Watch homeland! Sam

  10. Juustin - 24 I watched. After the first couple of seasons it got really stupid.

    Todd - I will snap a pic or get a vid this week of em. I use my flat bench in combination with my hyperextension.

  11. paul - an article or some info on what sort of programme you will start your daughter on (i.e weight-training for young teenage girls) would be interesting, as I'll shortly find myself in similar situation. thanks.

  12. Did not know that you had 3 girls. Still great that you're kicking ass dude.

  13. G - A lot of machines and bodyweight stuff. So when I squat I will have her on the machine squat. Later I will introduce her to the box, then the free squat. Last night she did upright rows, russian leg curls, and ab wheel with me.

    Ryan - My girls are awesome. You better be strong and able to fight to defend your family the best you can.

  14. Watch Dust, it's from 2001.
    When u do barbell rows is it better to use ultra strict form or should I cheat a bit? When I use a lot of weight and cheat a lot it only hits my upper traps. Yesterday I did them like Ed Coan with my head on a pad and 85kg were really hard.

  15. CT is far too hollywood to answer such petty questions! Or what I meant to say is he's too busy formulating his next marketing scam for biotest and injecting a few mg's of test cyp while promoting his all natural status. Dude is a phoney dick from the word go. Check out the brief clash between Lyle mcdonald and CT on google

  16. What "dan" above me said, especally his first sentence.

  17. machines and bw stuff makes sense. what sort of age/development would you introduce free bar squat or deadlift?

    btw - all these recent topless shots of yourself have a strong scent of thibeaudouchery about them haha


  18. Geoff - It won't be long before I introduce squats and deads to her.

    And you didn't ask me my weight yet asshole. LOL

  19. don't need to ask your weight chris . .er . . i mean paul, you posted it along with your fag. . sorry i mean recent photos hahaha.

    thanks for the girl-training info.

  20. I think CT is the only time I would want to side with Lyle MacDonald in an argument. Both guys are massive assholes in my experience, but CT more so.

  21. You're a smart guy so you probably have this in mind already, but I'll remind you anyway: you better make it fun to them or they'll hate the shit out of lifting forever(if they are like any normal kid).

  22. Any plan on making a mobile version for ur site, paul? Riding on the tube is the only free time i can spare for leisure reading and urs is one of the must read blogs on my iphone.

  23. Haven't thought about it, but I'll look into it.

  24. I just stumbled into an argument with a national champ in weightlifting. Funny shit.

  25. Why is Lyle McDonald an ass, Dray? He seems to be a very nice guy, and very knowledgeable as well. The only thing I've never figured out is his flame war with Rippetoe. I really love Rip, but as much as I love him, I have to admit that he's an arrogant asshole all the way. What makes him different though is that he readily admits to it, and doesn't pretend otherwise.

  26. I've run into a few spots online where Lyle MacDonald attacked someone pointlessly for no real reason. The only incident I can recall is this one: I know an old lifter, Ken O'Neill who supports the paleo diet and left a comment on an infographic, and Lyle McDonald posted a venomous, not entirely related response complaining about "tweets on a paleo post". Then I click on his name and see this massive tangent on his profile where he basically talks about blocking people.