Thursday, December 22, 2011

Training - Squats and shit

Bodyweight - 235

Pause Squats -
135 x 5,5
225 x 3
275 x 3
315 x 3
335 x 3
365 x 3
385 x 3
365 x 3

These felt fucking spectacular.  Yes I know it's baby weight and shit, but this ab and low back work is paying huge dividends already.  Sitting in the bottom I could feel everything was MUCH stronger than it usually is.  I mean MUCH stronger.  Ernie was right.

Lunges - 2 x 20
Calf Raises - stack x 15
Rows on some machine - 5 x 12

Notes - Solid 80%.


  1. Hey Paul, just wanted to drop a quick line. I asked you about dealing with a TFL strain, but you didn't have any experience with it. I wanted to share this with you. I've been doing a ton of foam rolling and mixing dynamic and static stretches with single-knee raises. I think it is slowly coming around which is great.

    What I really want to mention is this: I was doing Goblets as light assistance work yesterday. Without thinking about it, I set up with my feet at my normal squat width. The TFL was screaming at the bottom of the movement. When I brought my feet in, there was no pain. Zero. I think this illustrates something you talk about a lot. Guys like me that get all their instruction from the internet, really have to watch out for geared lifters providing info without acknowledging whether their tips are appropriate for raw lifters or not. When I first started squatting this year, almost all the info I got was from Elite. Great site, but I'm realizing that most of those guys are geared, and I need to take that stuff with a big grain of salt. I'm feeling pretty confident that if I move my feet in on Back and Front Squats I can avoid this injury in the future.

    Anyway, thanks as always for the great blog, and I hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas.

  2. Chaos and Bang 2 would make a great early Christmas gift for us, just sayin...haha but have a good one either way man!!

  3. Jamie has the audio. He should be putting it up soon.

  4. hey paul i have a question and dint want to wait until the weekly would i outline my off season template? i have roughly 4-5 weeks before i start my next cycle for a meet at the end of march. i was thinking keeping it similar, but not so heavy and maybe some more volume? thoughts?

  5. Use the LRB template and use something besides squats, benches, and pulls from the floor on your heavy days. Give yourself a little break from the big 3 for a couple of weeks and concentrate on some hypertrophy with the support work. Use this time to shore up anything that has been bothering you injury wise. Go into your meet prep feeling GOOD and healthy.

  6. is that one of your two programs for sale on here?

  7. No man it's free.

  8. Hey Paul,

    ever experimented with ab isometrics? The only ab work I do now is make a plank tilting my pelvis slightly backwards and let someone stack plates on my lowerback. 2-3 sets of 20-30 secs. Helps greatly with creating ab tension during squats.


  9. Yes I do like planks and do something very similar.

  10. "this ab and low back work is paying huge dividends already."

    What ab and low back work are you doing, Paul? I've seen you specializing on shrugs but don't remember you mentioning specializing on low back and abs. May have missed it...