Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Strong Reloaded in the works.......

I've started outlining and writing the follow up to the strong-15.  This thing is going to be HUGE.

One thing this book is going to be about is lifting AND life principles.  Anyone who reads here knows that I often overlap those two.  And it's really coming out in the early writings here.  Already here is an early outline of the chapters.

Becoming the Lion

My Squat sucks - Lots of squat programming

My Deadlift sucks - Deadlifting program with block pulls and stiff legged programming

My Bench sucks and well, my overhead sucks too - Bolstering your pressing prowess 

Core Work - This isn't fucking yoga we're talking about - Why this shit is so important if you are raw

Getting Yoked - Eating to gain quality mass

Getting Sexay - Dieting and Conditioning

Offseason Training - Setting the stage

Meet Programming - The shit you need to do before you even pay your entry fee

Big-15 for mass - Using your support work to create a bigger you

Bodypart Specialization - Bringing up shitty bodyparts (this part will include routines for virtually every bodypart) 

Steroids - What you REALLY need to know

Whole Body Training - My completely uneducated opinion on how to do this correctly 

Rehabbing and Prehabbing - How to get uninjured and stay uninjured 

Expect this to be a rather large book.  But since it's hump day, and I'm awesome here is an early excerpt that will probably be redone at some point, but I want you guys to get the gist of what I am after here...........

Strength reigns.  Strength is king.


As big as I am on conditioning and being in shape, which is very important in the scheme of being the baddest mother fucker you can be, strength is still king.  

My motto about training is, and has been for a long time, "be strong - be in shape."

But the front runner in that sentence is to "be strong".  

Two sprinters of equal ability.  Make 1 stronger, he wins.

Two fighters of equal ability.  Make 1 stronger, he wins.  

This paradigm exists across every combat and sporting platform that exists in the universe.  

All things being equal, the stronger version will triumph.  "Greater strength!" boasts the victor.  

Whether you run this program for powerlifting or not, doesn't matter.  This program is designed to make you stronger.  And the stronger you are, the greater your odds of success in battle become, whatever that battle may be.  Natural selection weeds out the weak.  It separates the wheat from the chaff.  It delineates the alpha from the beta.    

Weak willed?  Death becomes the only option when dire circumstances arise.

Weak of spirit and constitution?  See above.  

Weak of mind?  Falters under complexity.  

Weak of body?  Falters under physical burdens.

Whether in life or training, overcoming adversity and obstacles is what builds strength.  It should not only build strength in your body, but in your mind and in your spirit.  Wasting these opportunities in regards to either, means you are wasting opportunities to grow to your potential.  The strongest of men never became that way out of prosperity.  It was through fire and ice; flesh and bone; blood, sweat, and tears, as they say.    

Men, real men, grow strong in body and mind, and prosper from it.  It allows them to protect their young and loved ones, feed their families, and do things that the weak of mind , body, and spirit, cannot.  It has been this way since the dawn of time.      

Strength is what allows a man to leave a legacy behind, long after he is gone.  Not because of the things he acquired, but the intangibles he leaves behind.  


I'm really enjoying writing this and I can't wait to have some free weekends where I can start pouring this shit out.  I already have so many programs going into this thing that it's going to take some time.  I am also going to take plenty of time out to make sure this thing is as high a quality as I can develop.  

My guess would be around the April or May mark of 2012.  So keep your pants on for it.  But I promise you anyone who buys it will not be disappointed and no matter what obstacle they face in their training they will be able to come back to it and get "reloaded" to overcome it.  


  1. Paul, I feel I should point out that a lot of your principles are laid out by the GOAT bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman - let me explain.
    Ronnie does/did a heavy day and a lighter day for all of his bodyparts. Each day is focused around a big core lift.
    High reps are used on everything apart from the big barbell exercises.
    Isolation stuff is only done after the work is done on insane weights on the heavy barbell and dumbell work.
    Work capacity, genetics and PED use may have a massive impact on frequency, weight used and total workout volume - but this template would seem to be a sensible and easily workable.
    Directly copying Ronnie's routine is far from sensible but doing a routine that has Squats on one "leg" day and Front Squats and Hacks on the next - Back Day is Deadlifts and rows one day and another day is pulldowns - Chest day is Benching one day and dumbells the other - Shoulders are barbell presses one day and dumbells the next.

    BTW - super excited about the book !

    Keep up the excellent work

  2. Great stuff, Paul. Without getting too sycophantic, I can say that your blog has been the most helpful one to me in regards to lifting on the entire internet. You have managed to take all of the disparate info on the net, filter it, and combine into an easy to use package. Your ideas are relevant to me as I am another raw zealot as well. Since stumbling upon your blog some 13-14 weeks ago I have added 50 lbs to my main lifts and improved my conditioning. Keep up the good work!

  3. No, YOU keep up the good work Ramon. Awesome to hear.

  4. Excerpt got me stoked for the book. Looking forward to it. Little late but I took a few points away from your bench series and it's feeling better grooved. In short, Thanks alot!