Wednesday, December 21, 2011

More success stories......

Email I received from Alec this morning.........

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I recently dropped 18 lbs (214-196) and hit a 30 lbs deadlift PR (505-535). The change occurred over the course of about 6 months but the real change happened in just the last 3 (especially the strength as I had a leg injury that kept me from lifting in July and August). Various little things went into accomplishing this but your Strong15 program was one of the ingredients. I followed it for the deadlift and began each deadlift day with power cleans (new to me) and usually ended with semi-power shrugs. I also switched to front squatting for the last 8 weeks. As I mentioned, there were various other things that went into this but I won’t bore with the details. I have become a believer in hitting heavy weight and then backing off. Thank you for putting the program out there. I look forward to the new version.

Best regards,


This is what I like to read about.  The thing I like about the guys that are following my stuff, is that they are doing a great job of thinking on their own about the things they need to do outside of the program.  You have to be a smart lifting scientist.  I can never emphasize that enough.  

Great job Alec.


  1. Paul-
    Commented a few weeks ago about my weight loss, still feel better than ever (305-315) a few days back I weighed again at a lifetime fitness where the scales seem to be pretty rad and accurate (i hope) and hit 299, but i did a few test to see where I was strength wise hoping I hadnt lost all of it, my knees are still banged up from surgeries and a few blow outs from football, so bare with me on the squat numbers but i got a pr with incline 405x5 (back squat) benched 385x3 and inclined 315, i think i couldve hit 4 plates on the bench but there wasnt a spotter at my gym, I was the only one upstairs at the time LOL
    Anywho thanks for all the time and effort you put into this, i speak for myself and many others when i say checking your site out is a daily habit and a must, a lot of my results have came from information obtained by you strength wise, health wise, or everyday life keep up the good work man.
    hope you and your family have a great holiday season and I look forward to upcoming stories

  2. Miller - Thanks for sending me this. This is the reason I write and put my info out there. Keep me updated on how you progress in the weight loss and a big congrats on the progress so far.