Saturday, December 3, 2011

Training - Traps and shit

Weight - 233 pounds

Mid-shin deadlifts with shrug -
225 x 5,5
315 x 5,5
405 x 3
500 x 5,5,5
585 x 5,5,5
635 x 5

Regular Shrug - 500 x 20

Curl - machine curl 175 x 10,3,2 r/p style
Seated Dip Machine - stack x 20


  1. Hello.
    Just a question o raw squats:
    One day of the week I do 1 top set of 5 in squats, increasing the weigth each week.
    The next squat training day of the week I want to do paused squats.
    My question is: say that i did 400 x 5 on the first squat day, how much of that 400 and for how much reps should I use on the paused squats?
    3 secods pause is ok?
    Also, how many times a week you train martial arts? Is this Krav-Maga?
    What is your opinion of Aikido?

  2. Why not do the pause squats after the regular squats?

    If you're going to do them on a separate day then I'd start with 70% of what you did for your heavy set of 5.

    3 seconds is LOOOONG. I usually pause for maybe 2.

    Martial arts right now is once or twice a week. Not an Aikido fan.

  3. Dear paul,

    My name is Adrian,
    i just read your developing your raw bench press part 2, and i wanted to apply it to this routine that you outlined right here, i wanted to ask you my last meet i benched 300, so does that mean for the following percentages that i start with 300 for the training max and hit the meet like this 300(93%) 320(new pr 100%) and 3rd go nuts?


    280(93% of current 300lb pr)
    300(current pr)
    320-?? (go nuts on third attempt new pr)

    can you please clarify this for me??

    P.S.(i plan on swtiching this routine with the new one you will post on developing your raw bench pt 3)

    thanks for your help!!!

  4. Well the training max is 93% of your real max. So program it with 93% of 300 as it read.

  5. oh okay, thanks a lot paul!~

    - adrian