Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Training - Back stuff

Bodyweight - 235

Pendlay Rows -
135 x 10
225 x 5,5,5,5,5
275 x 5,5,5

Cable Rows - stack x 15 strip 72 x 8 strip 50 x 6

Hypers -
body x 12, 10
+ 25 x 8
+80 x 10,10,6

Ab Machine - 240 x 10 <- this hurt.

Notes - Nice one.  80% rock solid.


  1. Hey Paul, had a question about your deadlift routine. When you say you're doing dynamic deadlifts what do you mean by that exactly (chains, bands, etc?)?

  2. Paul, what do you think about high frequency lifting?
    Like Broz's stuff, for example.
    (I apologize if you've been asked this before.)

    I found that it's taking me from mediocre to intermediate. I'm hitting a double BW Oly squat (no belt, just Oly shoes) 5-7 days a week, with front squats or more back squats thrown in after every max.
    My OH press is creeping (done every other day) and chins/pull ups (every day) are responding well.

    I just wonder if I can keep this up...

  3. Hey Paul
    Loving your blog.
    Thats some good numbers on the rows.
    When it comes to the Pendlay rows how slopy do you let yourself get before you say thats too much hip drive or back angle. I find it hard to know when the weight is too much or just right with these.

  4. I have been doing Pendlay rows the last two months and like how they complement my deadlifting. The bar seems to come off the floor nicer now. A while back I dropped rows for about a month to work on my shitty pull-ups and boy did my deads suffer.

  5. Charliek - Which routine is that?

    CMas - I think it can work if the implementation is right. Obviously you're finding that out. If you overdo it or don't know how to calibrate when to go harder or back off, you will struggle more.

    Anonymous - I don't let ANY hip or leg drive happen. It's all just being as explosive as possible off the floor WITHOUT any leg or hip movement. So they are very strict. I do not like sloppy rowing at all.

    Zac - Yup. I like pull ups and think they are a def a man maker type of exercise, but I don't think they do shit to help a deadlift for the most part. Well, not in comparison to rows.

  6. Its the one under "putting my money where my mouth is" on Monday. Thanks

  7. Ya, my bad. You wrote dynamic deadlifts in that post but I think you meant dynamic shrugs. Either way, what variations do you use?

  8. The dynamic shrug is basically the Starr shrug. I see different variations on this, but basically I start the motion you do on a stiff leg/romanian deadlift then right about knee level I explode back up into a shrug onto my toes.